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When the DM actually has things planned out ahead of time.

Content of the article: "When the DM actually has things planned out ahead of time."

Be me, dummy that wants to runs a d&d campaign.

Be not me, my friends that want to play d&d.

have session 0, everyone makes characters together.

one player makes half-orc pugilist named Ruun, bruiser/hitman for a dwarf mafia who wants to take over the organization because he doesn't like where it's going.

another player makes half-elf rogue named Winphira, hates the dwarf mafia cause they killed her parents when she was young, wants revenge.

they'll work together against the mafia to further both of their goals.

Be me, reviewing notes later.

Winphira's player says she thinks it would be neat if her parents had been part of the mafia and weren't as innocent as her character thinks.

Ruun's player says he never really knew his family – he's been with the mafia for as long as he can remember. He gives me free reign over his family, and says he's excited to see what I come up with.

tiny DM brain has an idea.

Ruun and Winphira could be half-siblings.

Winphira's mom (half-elf) has kid with a ranger (half-orc), and decides she wants out of the mafia. She has the skills to get out, but they kidnap her baby in revenge, she knows she'd just get caught if she tried to rescue him. (This is Ruun).

Later she manages to move on, and settles down with another guy. Has a baby girl with him. (This is Winphira).

Peanut DM brain thinks it will be cool when they find out they're related after a couple sessions, and that it will give them a good reason to stick together. Ruun is a few years older than Winphira so it works.

write this down in digital notebook at 2am, go to sleep

Be several sessions later.

Ruun has figured out who his dad is (legendary monster-hunting ranger)

Winphira has figured out her mother wasn't as innocent as she thought

Players stop at wishing well, Winphira wishes to know more who her mother was.

afterwards, Winphira tells Ruun that her parents were killed by the mafia.

After session, Ruun's player asks me if he can have the names of Winphira's parents on his back tattoo.

The tattoo which is a list of all the people he's killed for the mafia.


Consider telling him no.

Remember first rule of DMing: always smile and say "you can certainly try."

Tell player "sure, if you really want to. We'll need to make Ruun several years older, and they would have been some of the first people you killed"

he agrees, and we're only 3-5 sessions in, so a few years age difference gets handwaved

Be later that day, after ransacking a mafia's store house/dark ritual site

party is hanging out at safe house, about to long rest

Ruun tells Winphira they need to talk.

He shows her the tattoo, with her parents names

Winphira barely avoids killing him outright, other PC convinces them to sleep on it

That night, the goddess of dreams gives them visions, because of the wishing well.

In vision, Winphira sees her mom with Ruun's dad.

They're working together, seem very familiar

Several kisses, long touches on shoulder.

other stuff about a t-rex, but not relevant here.

next session

winphira wakes up, tells Ruun they need to talk.

they step off to corner while everyone else gets breakfast

The players join a seperate voice chat, and she tells him about the dream

The look on his face was sad but also amazing

"I killed my own mom?"

Yup, and you specifically requested it.

Winphira, now that you look closer, if your mom were a lot buffer, and a half-orc man, she'd look a lot like Ruun.

They go back and tell the party, everyone loses their minds.

Give the cleric permission to cast a special version of ceremony to confirm they're directly related.

See guys, not everything I do is made up on the spot.

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