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When the DM is too lucky

Content of the article: "When the DM is too lucky"

I don't know why i can't find anything on the matter, all post about DM luck is about how the DM have no luck at all with their roll, but never the opposite. This is not mean to rant but try get some advice about how to deal with it as a player. anyway here is the problem with our party.

we are a party of 4 player, Asimar oracle healer, goblin rogue dps, kobold alchimist utility and half-orc paladin tank. we have a large capability to survive, deal great amount of damage, deal with a lot of stuff that is send at us and knowing that we would play a game of pathfinder WotR campagne we build our stuff accordingly. We have 3 out of 4 experience player with a new DM.

Appart from what the campagne can send at us, pretty much only characteristic damage and drain plus nauseous debuff we manage to survive. Where it became really annoying for all of us player is the fact the the DM rarely get anything under 15 on her dice(i recall only 1 one for the whole campagne so far) where we roll really frequently under 10 and she get easily 3 natural 20 before any of us can get one. We start joking about it at first but little by little it start to get to us, so the DM showed us her roll to try to prove she isn't cheater but we are not concern about her cheating in anyway, (she still enjoy a bit to much the situation tho XD). She try using different dice of hers to see if she can get more ''fair'' result, but nothing really change. She even try to use Roll20 virtual dice roller but she still get crazy lucky no matter what and we are crazy unlucky.

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At the beginning of the campagne it was not that bad since the creature were not that strong but when normal creature can 2 shot our tank that have been fulling buff before hand to have 25 AC and the DM get 2 shot out of 3 over 25 consistently, every saving throw it so resist effect that stun the whole party and we are always bad lucky on our side what can we do to still enjoy the game if our tank is always on the ground, the party is regularly daze and nauseous, add to that constent characteristic damage. Oh and since our DM know that we are experience player she confess that she buff every encounter.

In short, i would like some help from the community to help me deal with that in the best way possible. Her luck and our bad luck is so consistant that it is well know among us and we make joke about it most of the time but even the fact that a try to always see the brighter side of stuff i saw myself get really annoyed lately and i would prefer to enjoy the game with some advice of any sort. Maybe a new way to see things or maybe something that i am not aware of since we don't know the campagne itself but have played countless hours in other house made campagne.

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