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When the “Rule of Cool” made the rogue deal sneak attack without sneaking

Content of the article: "When the “Rule of Cool” made the rogue deal sneak attack without sneaking"

I'm a newbie DM, currently DMing to a group of newbie players. The party has a Changeling Whispers Bard/Assassin Rogue, one of the best concepts I've seen in a while. He is obsessed with classical music and aestethics. His multiclass in Assassin is because of his backstory, in wich he was, well, an assassin.

The player isn't much keen on the combat aspect of the game, so his choices in spells aren't very useful combat wise, but he is very creative with them.

In one occasion, he was solo infiltrating a palace to assassinate one of the generals of the BBEG (long story short, the general had altered the memories of the kingdom to make he be a VIP). He got to the door of where the general is and, while sneaking, saw a single guard posted there.

So he simply goes "Hey DM, I have something on my mind, I want you to tell me if it would be OK for me to deal sneak attack while not being hidden". My players know I'm a very maleable DM, so I said "tell me your plan and let's see if I like it".

Se he goes: "Firstly, I want to cast Unearthly Chorus and make this", and he puts "Lacrimosa" by Mozart on his phone. Then he continues: "I want to beguile him". Sure enough, the guard does not make his save.

"Now I want to stand up and make me visible". Since the guard is magically friendly because of the Chorus, he just stands there. "I want the approach the guard slowly, and I cast Major Image to make the corridor start melting, while the music become slightly distorted".

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A this point, the guard is very fearful, but, because of the Chorus, it doesn't react violently. So the player continues: "Now I want to cast Desguise Self and make me wear the same uniform as him, but not change my face".

When he got very close to the guard, he said "I want to use my Changeling powers and distort my face slowly into the guard's while staring at him with a creepy smile". At that moment I said "Fuck it, the guard is frightened" and made him start to run away, but the player goes "As he turns his back at me, I stab him and use Psychic Blades".

The Psychic Blades plus the Sneak Attack would deal 7d6 extra damage. Sure enough, the guard is dead.

TL;DR: Bard/Rogue multiclass used spells creatively to make himself a badass and I decided to let him deal sneak attack even while the enemy was aware of him, killing the NPC instantly.

Edit: I've been told sneak attack doesn't need the rogue to be hidden and suddenly I realized this character shouldn't be this useless in combat! This is the price of being at a table full of newcomers lol

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