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When you make a character flaw that the party can exploit to their advantage

>Be me

>Playing an Chaotic Good Elven Rogue with a new group

>Me and DM are the only ones who've played D&D before (This isn't the same DM I played with before, but he's still really cool)

>Re-using this character from my high school days

>She's a generally nice person, acts as the "Team Mom" of the group

>Make plans for the party, give suggestions and advice, etc.

>Gets incredibly angry when she or her fellow party members are put in serious danger. (The reasons behind her personality are explained in her backstory, but the players are all new and don't care about making their characters have personalities or backstories yet so I never get to explain it. All they know is the nice Rogue gets mad easily)

>Dwarf Cleric coins the term "kindness-induced rage"

>Players think my character is nice to have around, but ultimately boring: they think the "anger" part is made up because they haven't seen my character snap once in the entire campaign so far. They forget she even has that character flaw

>We have to get through a city of brainwashed citizens to reach the Royal Quarter and meet our client

>Since they're brainwashed, half of the party doesn't want to kill them, the other half does

>My character is in the don't kill camp

>Eventually we get spotted after a failed stealth check

>I'm on the roof trying to snipe targets in the legs to immobilize them, Human fighter is knocking them out with the hilt of his sword, Dragonborn Warlock is trying to light her character sheet on fire

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>We're winning, there are minimal casualties, and the Warlock's put the lighter down, overall it's going pretty well

>Dwarf Cleric asks why the Rogue isn't killing our enemies

>I tell him that there's no need to so long as nobody in the party gets seriously hurt

>Until one of the villagers manages to shoot me in the shoulder

>She immediately loses all of that niceness and becomes the most angry ball of pettiness and spite

>"Ok, this next action's completely out of spite. I rip the arrow out of my shoulder, knock it in my bow, and fire it right between his stupid brainwashed eyes!"

>Fighter and DM lose it, they're laughing because they forgot that I mentioned that she can lose her temper easily and it caught them off guard

>I roll with a strength reduction, still enough to kill the guy

>For the rest of the trip to our destination, I make it a point to kill everything we fight: my character is done with everyone's shit. She's hurt, the party's hurt, and no job in the world could justify all the crap our client subjected us to by making us travel through all this crap to reach them

>Our fairy NPC friend almost dies, making my character's mood even worse

>The party likes the "pissed off Mama bear" a lot better than her normal disposition

>I play along because they're enjoying it, it's in-character, and this made them much more invested in the game than when they first started which is a win in my book

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>Then it gets dangerous

>They make it a point to get injured on purpose so they can see my character lose her shit on whatever poor sap we're fighting

>Throughout the entire campaign, this never gets old to the party. They love watching the Elf with a big-sister complex suddenly go berserk and literally tear people apart. DM even makes encounters specifically for it.

>Warlock dies because of their shenanigans

>Cleric casts a buff spell on my character right before she starts seeing red (I forget exactly which spell it was, I think it was Bless but I'm not entirely sure)

>I kill most of the mooks in the boss room in one hit, with the DM making sure of that (He allowed my character to roll for a dodge and counter roll when I'm in "berserk mode," and I'm almost certain he lied about their combat rolls.) Any mooks I didn't kill got handed off to the Fighter and Cleric who got easy kills because they were too distracted and scared by the 5'8" Elf girl that was tearing through them like a goddamn Orc. This was basically more of a semi-scripted spectacle than an actual fight

>Bard (that I forgot to mention before. Whoops) basically acts as my hype man while I walk towards the first BBEG of the campaign

>He passes his charisma roll and convinces the BBEG that throwing himself out the window was a better option than letting me get to him.

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>BBEG falls to his death and my character returns to her senses. She got angry enough to black out this time and looks in horror at what she's done

>The party is then subjected to 3 in-game hours of scolding from our Fairy friend

>My Rogue decides that she's had enough, and leaves the party to go back home

>I make a new character, one with flaws that are harder for the party to exploit to their benefit

>The bard writes a song about their Berserker Big Sis

>My Rogue was recorded in history as a legendary hero (thanks Bard)

>Bards and scholars for centuries to come would recall the tale of "Mama Bear" Farryn

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