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When your DM makes decisions based on “”dice rolls””

Content of the article: "When your DM makes decisions based on “”dice rolls””"

> Be me, dragonborn Forge cleric (level 6) who is a knight

> Be not me, DM, 5 other players that aren't super relevant

> We just finished a boss fight in a dungeon last session

> This session we find a NPC we were looking for

> A BBEG scarier than last week's boss is chasing him

> NPC runs the fuck away, scared for his life

> Long story short, we start chase sequence and run back to the entrance of the dungeon

> NPC made it to the entrance on his own, well before us (teleportation shenanigan)

> We came to the dungeon with three mounts: two big cats homebrewed by the DM that my teammates bought the in-game day before, and my warhorse I grew up with

> DM: "The NPC wanted a ride ASAP, and since your horse is more docile than the cat, he stole that one"

> DM later claims he rolled to see which mount was stolen

> Me: "Son of a bitch, let's go after him ASAP!"

> We give chase as fast as possible, lots of malus and shit

> We get back in town not too long after the NPC arrived

> DM: "As you arrive in town, you see smoke in the distance toward ."

> Us: "We go there, obviously!"

> DM: "You find dead beside a well. The well and the horse are burning. The horse is riddled with stab-wounds."

> Me: "Ha ha ha, good one, DM. What state is my horse in?"

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> DM: "No, really, your horse is dead, riddled with stab-wounds and burned. I rolled to see what the NPC did with the horse, and the result was a nat 1."

> Me: "Oh. Well now I'm definitely murdering that NPC."

> DM: SurprisedPikachu.jpg

> MFW my loyal warhorse that I raised from foalhood was easier to steal than the two big cats we bought days ago

> MFW DM honestly believe that "stabbing a horse to death and burning the corpse in broad day light" is in the realm of possibilities at all for that NPC

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