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When your Role Play is force-ably erotic.

Content of the article: "When your Role Play is force-ably erotic."

be me, bored at home, spam posts and forums looking for D&D game to play.

be surprised when post is accepted to RP heavy game. after joining learn the RP is heavy because it is erotic in nature. blame self for poor reading comprehension but decide f-it i still want to play and roll up a ranger.

be not me;

60 something year old DM looking for inspiration for the erotic novels he writes.

teen girl playing a human 7 year old loli paladin.

guy who 'just turned 21' playing roided out barbarian of a indeterminable race.

guy playing a lady tiefling druid.

4 other girls playing 4 warlock/bard tieflings of various genders that became impossible to differentiate after the first round of combat/cunnilingus of every session.

be me, trying not to rock the boat and stay quiet to learn the group dynamics. loli is barbarian's handler, he rages and recklessly attacks her every night. He is super possessive of her, but she would use him to threaten rape on nearly every other PC and NPC when she didn't get her way.

4 female tieflings are all very on again off again and are generally an orgy cluster fuck that produce an endless amount of drama and erotica. they aggressively flirt with me and i reciprocate, as i cant tell them apart my ranger accidentally sucks a few dicks. quickly learn not to engage with them less i am consumed with their drama.

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guy playing druid lady tiefling is very quiet, is flirty but never puts out. RPing it out, my ranger and his druid slowly begin to develop a relationship based on love of nature. suddenly we are in a monogamous relationship after fighting swarms of dick rats. be forced to act out awkward sex for the amusement of the others, am nearly level 9 at this point so decide to just go with it.

over time, our relationship grows and the two of us become the erotic stars of the campaign. 4 tieflings agree we are the hottest thing on the server, DM offers to host private sessions for just the two of us.

druid PM's me late one night, saying hes tired of RP. he wants me to bone him just like my male ranger does to his female druid. druid sends me erotic picks of his junk and butt while attempting to seduce me and arrange a meet up. refuses to stop after telling him im straight and was pretending for fun.

be me, panicking i PM the DM asking him to make this stop. he encourages me to meet up druid in real life and see were it goes. tells me my ERP could use some real life inspiration as he felt i've grown stagnant over the last few sessions

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be me, nothing that has ever happened on this server has ever turned me on in the slightest.

be me, suddenly realize everyone else has been masturbating to me for months.

be me, suddenly realize in a server filled with mostly women throwing themselves at me I choose to exclusively fuck a man pretending to be a woman.

be me, questioning my sexuality as I ghost the game.

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