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Whips Excite Me – Aarakocra Dual-Wielder, Second Try

Content of the article: "Whips Excite Me – Aarakocra Dual-Wielder, Second Try"

So, some corrections to my previously removed post of a Dual-Wielding Whip'in Aarakocra idea.

All numbers will be based off Standard Array, without magical items. And please understand that I'm limited to what is available to me on DNDBeyond (DMG+PHB+EEPC) and that I haven't strayed much from that beaten path. Unless I want to hand-write everything, which was a "no" from my cramp-enthusiastic hand.

Again, looking for input, comments, questions, or critiques – this is not an optimized build in the sense that it's some super tier 1 DM's plan-wrecking-uber-tuned idea. Just for fun, and to try out something a bit different that is hopefully still viable for casual playing. So, if I missed something painfully obvious, do inform me.

Race: Aarakocra, obviously.

Primary benefit the Aarakocra provides is the on-demand flying, and +2 DEX. The +1 WIS is nice, and three languages right off the bat (as useful as that is…remains to be seen.) Lastly, unarmed damage of 1d4+STR in slashing flavor.

The alternative would be Aasimar, Protector – a one minute 30ft of flying used once per long rest. It does offer additional radiant damage equal to your level once per turn. But the base +2 CHA, while good for the Paladin, is not as good as the DEX bonus the Aarakocra provides for the overall strategy. Other advantages would be natural Dark Vision, Celestial Resistance, Healing Hands, and Light Bearer – but Protector isn't part of the package I have access to.

One major issue is the lack of medium or heavy armor in order to have Aarakocra's flying. But….I don't think overall the build suffers from that.

Class: Paladin, Oath of Vengeance

Primary benefits here are short-rest Vow of Enmity, Divine Smite/Improved Divine Smite, and Haste. Secondary are the fridge-like hit-dice, Laying on Hands, Extra Attack, Aura of Protection, and Aura of Courage.

Both Bane, and Hunter's Mark are also great spells to have around in most cases. Misty Step is a fine way to move when flying won't work (thought I doubt that'd be often.) Protection from Energy, Banishment, Dimension Door, Hold Monster and Scrying are also fine spells (if I get to level 13th in any campaign I'd be amazed.) But It's really just about the Haste and Vow of Enmity from OoV. And while it's no "Find Familar", Find Steed can be used in much the same way – can help in combat, carry loot, scout, carry slow-moving allies, etc…

Compare to a Fighter, that can get three main attacks, and bonus attack (3+1), along with Action Surge – but loses Divine Smite, Vow of Enmity's advantage rolling, Laying on Hands, the Auras, and Spells (Eldritch Knight doesn't get Haste until level level 13….

I've looked into other classes for both mono, and multiclass. But overall, I believe Paladin – OoV is the overall winner.

Fighting Style – Defense, or ask your DM to let you use TWF. GWF doesn't offer much benefit with Whips. You could also be a Dueling Whip/Board – but then why not just be a Sword/Board…?

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Ability Scores

With Standard Array, I chose:

  • STR 10

  • DEX 15

  • CON 14

  • INT 8

  • WIS 12

  • CHA 13

ASI order would be:

FEAT (Dual Weilder) -> DEX/CHA -> DEX/DEX -> DEX/DEX -> CHA/CHA

At level 9 (When you get Haste), you'd have DEX 18, CHA 14.


Not much to say here, Outlander was the choice I took. Which let me grab Perception as the selectable skill since I had Athletics from Paladin. And a 4th Language.

Equipment: Sans Magic

Basic equipment is Studded Leather Armor, and two whips. A shield and backup one-handed weapon (Rapier (+8/1d4+4)) Is advised. One of the issues with this build would be finding magic Whips… But that's a conversation for your DM and you.


At level 9, the build is as follows:

2+1 Attacks, at +8 to hit, and 1d4+4 damage+Divine Smite. With Haste, it becomes 3+1. With Vow of Enmity active, you're rolling up to 8d20 on a target to Indiana Jones the shit out of it. WITH a 10ft Reach, and you can fly around and Whip the shit out of just about anything on the field without much hassle. Please note without TWF (by DM's approval) that your bonus attack is JUST 1d4 (with Divine Smite.) But that extra +4(or +5 at level 12) isn't going to be a big issue (IMO.)

AC 18, or 17 with TWF. If you need to switch to sword and board, that's 20/19 respectively. With Haste active, add another 2 to that.

Even at lower levels, you're doing consistent (maybe not 'spectacular') damage, and doing it from relative safety from most melee enemies. You can and should, fly over to casters and whip them. You can and should, fly over to archers, and whip them too. You can switch to being a front-line 'tank,' because you've got a rapier and shield to switch too. But its not optimal for that, it'll work – but it is not the way. At levels 1-3 you obviously can't dual-wield the whips (just a regular Pally for a spell…) But once you get Dual Wielder at level 4 – go ham.

Spells/Magic Items

Obviously Haste is a big part of this build, it lets you get that extra chance to roll for damage, extra AC, advantage on DEX saving rolls, and makes you a 100ft speedy bird bastard. Spell choices (at level 9) beyond that focus on out of combat utility – Detect Magic, Find Steed, Locate Object, Zone of Truth, Daylight, and Dispel Magic. There are times when Crusader's Mantle is the right choice, and Remove Curse can be quite useful. But mostly, you're going to be saving those spell slots for Divine Smite. If your friendly Wizard wants to Haste you up, and then you can focus on giving yourself additional damage with Hunter's Mark, it's always nice. But this doesn't count on that.


Pretty basic and obvious list of magical trinkets and gear to improve the character, only going to go through Common (not much), Uncommon, and Rare items. With Magical Whips being the high priority. Magical Studded Leather too.

  • Honorable Mention: Clockwork Amulet (it is from Xanathars…), gives you an assured way once a day to wack something with an attack roll of 18. No attunement required. You could have dozens of these! DOZENS!

  • Alchemy Jug – Fly over and pour oil, acid, poison, or mayo…. on the battlefield. Just listing this for the meme…. No Attunement required.

  • Eversmoking Bottle, open it, tie it to your belt. Fill the battlefield with smoke. While everything is obscured (including your target,) you have Reach and freedom to fly around. Plus whatever other uses an Eversmoking Bottle has. No Attunement required.

  • Goggles of Night, since Aarakocra don't have Dark Vision, this is a easy way to get it – and doesn't require Attunement.

  • Wind Fan (this one is up to the DM,) give yourself a speed boost. No Attunement required.

  • Boots of Elvenkind. No Attunement required. But do they fit on clawed talon-feet?

  • Cloak of Elvenkind. DOES require attunement, so Boots are better – and double better since there aren't many other boots you'd want anyway.

  • Cloak of Protection. Stack some more AC and Saves. Really can't go wrong. Does require Attunement.

  • Ring of Protection. Same as Cloak. Does require Attunement.

  • Eyes of the Eagle. You're an eagle-person. Why do you need goggles that give you more eagle-eyed vision then you already have…oh. Right. You don't. Does require Attunement, but advantage on Perception is always good.

  • Gloves of Missile Snaring. Ask your DM if these work through your Whips. Does require Attunement.

  • Pearl of Power, depending on how many things your DM throws at you in a day, having an extra Haste can be handy. Or anything else 3rd level and down (including an Extra DIVINE SMITE.) Requires Attunement, and probably one of the better things to actively be on the lookout for.

  • Stone of Good Luck, I'd rather get the AC bonus from a Ring/Cloak of Protection, but they don't give a bonus to Ability checks…. And while it does require Attunement, its a bonus to the most OP skill Perception.

  • Wand of the Web, I like this because you fly around above the webs and whip things. Does require attunement.

  • Cape of the Mountbank – Short version, attunement not required. If you get it its just frosting. Though, you can already fly, it's basically Warp Speed for you.

  • Folding Boat, I will never not take Folding Boat, its not just a folding boat. It is a cottage, a bunker, and land-castle all in one. And NO ATTUNEMENT required!

  • Portable Hole, do I need to explain this one? No attunement required.

  • Amulet of Health, be beefier. Requires attunement. I don't think being beefier is going to change much so its only great when you aren't already at 3 attuned items and have the spare slot open (and no one else is in more dire need of it.)

  • Belt of Dwarvenkind, proffers Darkvision, another language, bonus to CON, advantage on Dwarf Relations, and advantage against hurt juice. Solid overall magic item and a bird with a beard you say? Requires attunement.

  • Cloak of Displacement, one of my favorite defense items – giving an enemy disadvantage is often better than a small +1 bonus that something like the Cloak of Protection provides. Requires attunement, and worth it.

  • Mantle of Spell Resistance, advantage is always better than +1 from Cloak/Ring if its a contest between the two – though that does depend on how many spells your DM throws at you. Requires attunement.

  • Ring of Evasion, thrice a day success on dex throws, but you already have pretty good +4/+5 on dex. Still, better than not. Requires attunement. Only requires your reaction which you won't be using for much else.

  • Ring of Spell Storing, like the Pearl of Power, the ability to store up/re-get spells is powerful. An extra Haste, and two charges of Detect Magic would be my normal EDC (or ask a kindly Cleric to store some Guidance for ya.)

  • Robe of Eyes, cons: can be blinded. pros: darkvision, advantage on perception checks, and detect invisible and ethereal bulllllshit. Requires attunement, and definitively a decent item to snag if given the option. How many baddies cast Light or Daylight on ya?

  • Tentacle Rod, it's like a Whip, but weirder First off, you get three attacks out of it at +9, for 1d6 each. You don't get your ability modifier, but I'm pretty sure you can Divine Smite still. Its got the debuff too, if the target takes all three. Requires attunment and I think damn well worth it. If I have my knowledge right, technically with Haste you can Tentacle Rod twice per turn? – Needs clarification, I may be incorrect? Also is the magical whip-like weapon.

  • Whips, +1, +2, +3. Yes.

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