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Who needs the Module anyway?

Content of the article: "Who needs the Module anyway?"

be me, relatively new DM

DMed a good few things for my players, oneshots and the like, but never completed a full campaign

while working on a Homebrew campaign featuring Centaurs, I pick a couple pre-made modules and ask my players what one they want to play

My players pick Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

"Alright, I'm fine with that. I'll get the module ready and we can hopefully start next week"

First Session

be not me, Human Fighter, Water Genasi Storm Sorceror, Satyr Ranger, Half-Elf Bard, Shifter Warlock and Human Barbarian. Honorary members include two adoptees: a Kenku and Nym the Nimblewright

We start the module, it's generally going pretty good

However, I have a problem with reading the module. Because of the way things are laid out in it, I sometimes have trouble understanding the order of events and just what is supposed to be happening

now, Human Fighter is something of a complete wild card

the Player is roleplaying a Neckbeard. A Neckbeard in every regard. He's got two Katanas, a fedora and a body pillow

in every single scene he decides to partake in, he steals the show

worth noting for the future, I'm not very serious about the rules. I play very fast and loose with them, and if my players want to try and do something cool, I'll generally let them

The adventure continues as normal; the players have a couple run ins with the Zhentarim and Xanathar's Guild, a Fireball explodes in Trollskull Alley and they go on the hunt for a rogue Nimblewright

players follow the breadcrumb trail to the ships of Jarlaxle Baenre, who they picked to be the villain of the module

turned away before they can get on board

Neckbeard and Shifter start hatching a plan

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT ON A PACKED WATERDAVIAN PORT, they knock out the guard that turned them away and throw his body into the water


they trail the Guard who went to tell Jarlaxle of them showing up and kill him – the Shifter searches his body and finds a letter addressed to his wife and baby son (not important, I just tried as a deterrent)

they find the captain's quarters where Jarlaxle is and find him sitting on a swivel chair, like a Bond villain

"Ah, hello dear adventurers! I am Zardoz Zord, and-"

Before he can even finish, they panic

they both charge and throw him out of the window in his quarters, landing him in the water

oh no

the Neckbeard starts shooting at the flustered and confused Jarlaxle with his crossbow and the Shifter gets the Bard's attention

Using Shatter, the Bard magically breaks Jarlaxle's leg (dunno if it breaks the rules or not, I just thought it made sense) and he begins drowning

Boomer Satyr starts panicking and tries to get the crowd's attention by performing circus tricks. He is incredibly uncomfortable with murdering people under any circumstances

Shifter then uses Mage Hand to hold Jarlaxle underwater for several minutes

Eventually, the bubbles stop coming up.

I am in complete shock.

I am fucking stunned

I am taken aback in ways thought impossible by man

By this point, I've been getting impatient with my inability to properly read the Module at all times

This was the last straw

From here, I completely abandon the module. I homebrew what remains of the campaign

the city of Luskan takes the assassination of their Open Lord as an act of aggression and prepares for war with Waterdeep

in preparation, the city gates are sealed and the Griffon Guard begins dropping pamphlets from the sky, telling the citizens of the oncoming siege

we're not playing Dragon Heist anymore

it's time for Escape from Waterdeep

Tl;dr got really impatient with the scuff formatting of the Waterdeep module and when my players get a bit too murder-hoboey, I decide to stop following it completely

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