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Who said that the wild sorcerers always die young?

Be me

First DnD campaign i ever played

Be a kenku called "KAPOW"

Small bird, drags around a ladder that is like 5 times his stature

Wild magic wizard, dragged from his peaceful town to some random universe

Has to do some shit to a egocentric super powerful entity who is a ripoff of Orstein

His team is a big ass spider guy who destroys everything in his path, a shape-shifter who hates the group and a blood hunter lizardfolk with tourette syndrome

Always solve thing with explosions

Werewolf? Exploded

Ship full of thieves? Exploded

Rathian? Exploded

Final boss? Pretty much exploded

Got everyone involved in eldritch crap

We fight a big ass eyeless dragon


Now is some deformed mass made by the organs of the dragon

Is pretty powerful, even the spider (who is now a goliath, don't ask) is taking serious damage

I launch at him some cool thunders, this activates wild magic and i roll a d100, i become invisible and nobody can hear me or see me

The abomination gets fucking mad at me, rolls a critical hit and literally stabs me so much that my body is full of holes.

I die and nobody can hear me scream and nobody can see my corpse until some time passes

I become a possessed zombie like the enemies we encountered in the way here

I can only make dead noises and my companions drag me around tied up

After some shit related to a soul society my group starts fighting the retard brother of cthulhu (let's call him kthulhu) and i am partially resurrected by the all powerful egocentric guy

I am a walking corpse

I roll magic and again I use the wild magic table

DM tells me to roll a D4 dice


I become 2 years younger, so now i am alive


A few sessions later we are fighting a colossus made by flames

I launch a fireball at him while I am flying (dont ask)

High damage

Big bad fire colossus gets mad

Throw a big ass laser thing at me

I fucking explode like a piñata

My comrades can see organs, feathers and fire falling from the sky

My ladder gets incinerated, i will never forgive that

The fight continues

Tourette lizard gets petrified forever and now is a statue in the egocentric guy mansion

Our goliath is at 1 hp

We are pretty much fucked but fortunately the colossus dies before more death

The group want to see how much damage the colossus caused, only to see a big mass of flesh, feathers and bones starting to unite

After a while the mass becomes a tall blue dragonborn

All of this because when I launched the fireball i rolled in the wild magic table and got the ability to resurrect in the next minute


miss wild magic because now i am a cleric dragonborn

after a while when we are searching in some tombs we found a wild magic necklace

I grab it at the fast of light

I can do wild magic again

Everyone is terrified

Against all logic, i survive the campaign and my character gets a proper ending

The egocentric god just wants to make us disappear of his sight, he gives us a wish

One of the group whishes to rule the city where the rp ends

Other partner whishes to form a guild in that city, a guild about solving problems with explosions (i already sayed that the group almost solved everything with explosions)

The shape shifter wish to be away from us, he changes his faces and live a pretty normal live as a farmer

Kapow whishes wild magic for everyone

Everyone: no

Kapow wishes for a school, a wild magic School

He is the teacher of that school

He teach the beautiful arts of wild magic to other people, also in one of his class he uses wild magic, dies, and again is resurrected as a Kenku

He happy


The world is connected to another camping that the DM and some others are playing, so the epilogue ends like this: "The city prospers for years… Then it explodes because the guild was saving explosive barrels in the subterranean store of the city. The end"

But Kapow is out there, spreading the word of the powerful wild magic to the world, maybe his childrens will do that too, or maybe he will die of a fire ball.


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