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Wholesome Encounters to Steal

Since this went so well last time I have more encounters for folks. I tend to be quite a tragic writer so I thought to remedy that here’s some much needed wholesome encounters. There aren’t as many of them but there you go.

Can’t Stop Giggling

An old aged pair who have clearly been together a long time are reminiscing about when they were adventurers. One of them makes a joke and the pair of them start laughing very loudly, they try hard to stop but they are in hysterics and everything the other one says just makes it funnier. They have a few pearls of wisdom about the local area and adventuring for those who ask. They may even be willing to share some of their scrumptious picnic if the players are willing to listen to more of their anecdotes

Hot and Pointy

A young boy is sparring with his friends. Unlike his friends he has a genuine blade, which seems to be glowing with embers and runes. It’s cleaving through the sparring swords his friends are using, which might be made out of wood and ignite. This boy has clearly nicked his ancestral family sword and someone’s going to get hurt. This notion will be confirmed when the boy is cautioned against this: he stole it to stand up to his schoolyard bully. He means to threaten him but maybe burn him a little in the yard during sword practice. The players might choose to help him out, I could see this one turning into a session of coming of age. But I could also see it getting not very wholesome pretty quickly. Be sure to play up how naïve he is and the innocence of the whole situation. Please do not play this like it’s an allegory for school shooters.

The Voice of The Forest

Walking through the forest the players might overhear a curious sound. A voice of the forest, it seems to be talking to itself. Upon investigating they discover it’s a hill giant, perched on a huge tree stump, eyes scrunched up in concentration. It’s reciting something: It’s memorised a love poem for a sweetheart it’s slowly going over each of the words out loud In doing so it’s literally learning common by itself. Sadly, it has to learn it from the horrible things the local villagers have said about it and piece together their meaning. The giant is incredibly lonely. This one was meant to be super sad. I’m sorry, it’s not particularly wholesome at all. 🙁

Harmless Prank

The player characters enter a barbers in a place called Fleet Street for a nice close shave, or perhaps a regular haircut. At one point (and make it against someone dumb) the barber pulls a trick on the PC. They have been pretending to be creepy and suggesting that they are some kind of Sweeney Todd knock off. But then! They cut a players ear off. Or rather they used prestidigitation to give the cold sensation of dripping blood and of lacking an ear. They use ketchup to make it seem as if they really made this mistake. Get at least one other player in on the practical joke. Best bet is they then get the treatment free of charge (if they were a good sport about it, that is)

Indecent Proposal

A father really doesn’t want to send off his daughter to marry her suitor. She has an impressive dowry and many hope to win it. The greatest swordsman of the village (who may be man or woman, you decide) has been cleaving their way through every man worth his salt fighting for her attention. Until that is they fight her father, who handily beats them unless the players step in. They will ask for advice and the true answer is the father only ever wanted to be certain that the future spouse wasn’t in it for the money but was someone who would show an unending determination to win her love even when the money was off the table. In the end this is what it will take, to foreswear riches, the dowry, to win her hand. Maybe a player wants to marry her who knows and will end up in competition with the romantic. The victor will earn the dowry regardless.

Breaking In

The PCs stumble across a man using a self-fashioned grappling hook to break into his own home. It turns out his kid has locked him out so he can eat all the pie dough. The man will request that the players go next door to an old woman’s house – she is a crone and the little boy is scared of her. The players can either ask her to spook him or try to do some spooking themselves by banging on the walls or what have you.

Spirit Poop

The players come across some will-o-the-wisps dancing above a bonfire with a sword buried in it. The players may offer something they have, be it tangible or esoteric. This is a Slay The Spire reference. Here’s is the exact text from the game.

“You happen upon a group of what looks like purple fire spirits dancing around a large bonfire. The spirits toss small bones and fragments into the fire, which brilliantly erupts each time. As you approach, the spirits all turn to you, expectantly…”

Seriously play it. It ate me up for a year and a half.

If they give up something really useful, the players will all be healed and the one in most recent possession of it will have their max hp increased by a d6. If they give up something crap or something that benefits them to give up, they will receive crap in return.

Jollier than Oliver

An npc the players run into has an excess of self confidence. It’s pride from winning some kind of contest. A horse race perhaps. Another lacks pride. He’s awfully self conscious and in need of some encouraging. The PCs can use the psychology magic skills they have picked up to go inside their brain and distribute this emotion evenly. It’s Ni No Kuni okay? It’s a mechanic from that.


The players meet a gay couple who live together. They are “roommates”. The town they are from is kinda homophobic and neither will admit to liking the other but they will act in the sweetest most relationshippy ways towards each other, in increasing dramaticism, until finally they are coerced into confessing their feelings for each other a la the guards from Undertale. Then it’s up to the players to stop the town giving them shit about it. (Be sure to check in with people’s boundaries first, this could easily go not-wholesome). I think the best way to handle it might be to make the couple only think the town is homophobic and actually be rather supportive, or supportive in light of the fact they helped them or somethin


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