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Why am I seeing so many tweets about “boycotting d&d” or “boycott WotC”? What in the world is going on?

I’m not sure if this is the place to asks this, but I’m seeing a lot of tweets about this subject, or about preventing gaslighting new players because you (the veteran) are mad at WotC, etc.

Did something happen recently? It’s not even accounts I follow. Someone help me understand this? What is going on???

tweet 1

tweet 2 about Matt Mercer being a coward?

tweet 3

Edit: added links

tweet 4

tweet 5

tweet 6

tweet 7

After reading a few comments, it appears that the “boycott” is the very loud voices of only a few people. It seems the vast majority are not actually boycotting WotC at all.

I’ve also seen a few people saying that this post is adding fuel to the problem, which I agree with. It was not my intent to amplify the angry voices; I don’t get on Twitter often, so when I did, and when I saw these tweets from people I don’t even follow, I became very confused. The twitter algorithm suggests tweets based on topics you are interested in, so I began to wonder if this is what the community was currently discussing. I came here to see if someone knew the answer to my question, rather than dive down the rabbit hole of the angry Twitter mob.

I am going to leave this post up; the upvoted comments, probably even more so the downvoted comments, seem to more accurately reflect the attitude of most people, especially when compared to the angry Twitter echo chamber.

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