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Why fight ghosts when you can gamble with them.

Content of the article: "Why fight ghosts when you can gamble with them."

> Be Me, playing in a mostly homebrewed campaign

> Be Large 6'0 Dragonborn Paladin, pledged to be the anti-paladin, sworn to revenge and dedicated to murder the gods who once killed his family.

> Be party, tasked with clearing the ruins of a castle by killing ghosts, ghouls, and banshees inside

> Enter the first room of the castle, party can't see inside very well. Using candles to see shadows of ghosts.

> Struggling to hit targets, ghosts are weak, but so hard to hit. Finally hit the ghosts and kill them.

> Party groans, lots of ghosts left to fight.

> Enter second room, two ghosts sitting at table, dice in between them.

>Stop the party from attacking. Hatch a much better plan.

>Walk into the room pretending to be chill with the ghosts, calling out in a "Spoooooky" accent of common "Hey boys! Deal me in!"

> DM asks for performance check.

> Nat 20.

>Absolutely nail my ghost act, pulling off a perfect ghostly voice and appear "Ghostly and non threatening"

> Ghosts welcome me into the game, offering me the dice. No fucking clue what they're playing. Roll 3 of the dice on the table and look back at them.

> Ghosts look kinda confused, nod their heads anyway.

>Pass dice toward ghosts.

> Ghosts pass hands through the dice, never picking them up but rolling them over.

>Roll all 5.

> Ends on a 2,3,5,2,1,

> Not sure what to do with the dice.

> Ghost re-rolls the 2.

> Don't understand what is happening. WTF are the rules.

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> Re-rolls the 2 into a 4, ghost cheers.

> Everything clicks.

>Ghosts are playing fucking YAHTZEE

>Motherfucker just rolled a large straight and won.

> Play the ghosts in Yahtzee instead of fighting them because character never turns down a chance to gamble and fighting ghosts is lame.

> Ghosts win the game.

> Ghost is so excited that he finally won the game against a "normal" person he feels free for the first time.

> Ghost thanks me and he and his gambling buddies leave us in peace.

>Still shocked this worked, party laughing their ass off.

>Beat some ghosts by being a gambling addict.


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