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Why/How would the Raven Queen attempt to take control of the Feywild?

Content of the article: "Why/How would the Raven Queen attempt to take control of the Feywild?"

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For the next leg of our campaign, my level 8 party got a quest hook from an NPC where they found out that in recent weeks the elves of Evereska have lost contact with the Feywild and that all interplanar teleportation spells are somehow being blocked. They have been asked to investigate this issue by sailing to the island of Evermeet and getting to the Feywild through the ‘interplanar’ city of Shinaelestra.

What they will find out in their adventure through the Feywild is that the Raven Queen is attempting to return from her current home in the Shadowfell to take over and rule the Feywild. What I need to figure out, though, is her plan for how she is going to achieve this.

I was thinking of using ideas and encounters from Tomb of Annihilation for the adventure. If I were to use the idea of the death curse I would need to figure out how that would be repurposed from a lich to the Raven Queen (I’m not set on this idea, though). Other than that I haven’t really decided what sort of things she will be doing to assert dominance over the island (I am using the map of the Feywild echo of the island of Evermeet from the 4e Heroes of the Feywild supplement as the setting for the adventure). If anyone has any ideas or inspiration for how the Raven Queen might try to take over the Feywild I would love to hear them!

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One potentially relevant character note: One in my party is playing an Eladrin Wild Soul Barbarian who is a foundling – hailing from the Feywild but unaware of her birthplace, she was found in Neverwinter as a baby and raised there for 20 years with no knowledge of where she comes from. I plan for her to discover her heritage during this adventure and I might connect it to the Raven Queen issue. Currently I’m thinking that once the Raven Queen began her assault on the Feywild, the eladrin began sending their children to the material plane to keep them safe. (For practical reasons, to keep the timeline making sense in my world, one year will pass on the material plane for each hour that passes in the Feywild, so the eladrin PC grew up and is now 20 years old on the material plane, despite only being a baby earlier that day in the Feywild).

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Thanks in advance!

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