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Why I love this game so much: A DM’s experience

Content of the article: "Why I love this game so much: A DM’s experience"

One of the reasons I love this game and my players is their help in world building:

I'm at about 9-sessions with my current party. I'm a fairly new DM (and not religious in any right), so the creation of a Pantheon of Gods (or even one God) was daunting.
Therefore, it was silly of me to put a church in the current setting their in and assume they wouldn't ask questions.

Questions arose in session 3 when something frustrating happened and one of my players said, "Damn it, GODS-IN-THIS-WORLD-WHO-HAVE-NOT-BEEN-NAMED-YET!" which caused us all to laugh and caused me to fumble for a name or something.

One of my players yelled out, "What about Frank?! Damn you Frank!". We laughed again, but as the DM, I said yep, God is now known as Frank, the God.

We all had the same image in our head (Frank from IASIP). He is our god. I then wrote out a Pantheon of Gods using the DMG and then adding one god to each of the 6 religions who all are one-offs of IASIP characters (all are Demi gods with Frank as the Major Diety). This was all about 4/5 weeks ago.

This was great but they never entered the church, they went around it, past it, searching for the ways to open it (it was abandoned…long story). And FINALLY last night they went into the church where they found a lone, scared man of the cloth. He had locked the doors b/c he was scared of bandits and underlings of the BBEG returning.

One of the members of my party is a Cleric so he tried to convince my NPC Cleric that he was one and their mission was to come here and help the church. My NPC didn't believe him and asked him to prove it by reciting The Lords Prayer. My PC Cleric rolled a 22. I looked at him and said, "Well you know it perfectly, so let's hear it."

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This guy then breaks tries to remember the real Lords Prayer while also improvising connections to IASIP. Here is our prayer:

Dear Frank; who art in sofa, greasy be thy name.
Give us this day our daily weirdness
and forgive us our blasting,
as we forgive those who have blasted against us.
And lead us not into thy magnum dong
On Earth as it is in Patty's.
For thine is the trashman, the bed shitter, and Reynolds ghost. Forever and ever.
Go fuck yourself.

I know it's not a perfect satire line-for-line of the real Lords Prayer, but Frank damn it, he made that up on the fly. I immediately gave him an inspiration point. And now, in our world, anytime someone does something amazing or helpful for someone religious, they always reply, "Thank you, go fuck yourself."

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