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Why You Should(or Shouldn’t) Eat Warp Creatures

Content of the article: "Why You Should(or Shouldn’t) Eat Warp Creatures"

>playing Rogue Trader with a homebrewed rules conversion to DH2e rules

>be me, slightly psychopathic seneschal

>be not me, the Rogue Trader, the navigator, shooty Tau, shooty Dark Eldar, GM

>also not me, very relevant Kroot with a dedication to nomming everything

>first session of Lure of the Expanse(minor spoilers for the start of that adventure ahead)

>being hosted along with lots of important people at a 'banquet' by the Liege of Footfall

>the banquet food consists of five items of food so disgusting they're outright dangerous

>the schtick of the banquet is that you need to make a very hard check there to discover the information we are there to find

>eating the food gives you bonuses to that check

>more dangerous food gives better bonuses


>fast forward half an hour

>our Rogue Trader is having his insides torn apart by shardspider eggs

>my seneschal is trying to not vomit a live alien crab and keeping busy imagining inventive ways to murder the Liege

>the Tau and DEldar are just staying away like smart people

>the Kroot got insanity points from eating brain fluke marinaded in ork spinal fluid

>the navigator went for the worst, a warp eel, which gives you mutations

>after a set of dismal failures, the Rogue Trader manages to get the information

>we are preparing to just bail it from there


>the Kroot doesn't care about lesser things

>even brain parasite wasn't enough

>no food is too dangerous for Kroot

>he wants to go for the Warp eel


>fails the toughness test to avoid mutation

Read:  The price my party pays for having firearms

>GM tells him to roll on the Dark Heresy mutation table

>roll 70



>effects: Chaos rune on body, Psyker trait, 1 Psy rating, one free psychic power

>our Kroot is a psyker now

>our Kroot is a psyker now


>we have a psyker kroot created by warp eel

>this is the first session

Emperor bless whoever made Rogue Trader… and whoever came up with that bit in Lure of the Expanse for that matter.

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