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Wild Magic almost TPKs my players

Content of the article: "Wild Magic almost TPKs my players"

Be me, relatively new DM running like the 7th session of a homebrew 5e campaign

Be not me, Human AC tank Eldritch Knight, Tiefling Spore Druid, Kobold Rogue, Aaracockra Bloodhunter Werebear, Human Fighter Leeroy Jankens, and finally a Green Dragonborn Wild Magic Sorcerer.

Party riding in a cart to a certain city

Travel montage

A wild displacer beast appears

Fighter tries to calm it down and give it food to leave them alone

Druid and Bloodhunter hear something else moving behind them

Like 3 animal handling

Displacer beast backs off a little

Another displacer beast jumps out from behind the cart and fucks up the Bloodhunter

Leroy goes ham on the first beast, action surge and a crit

Leroy has a homebrew feat that lets him make another turn when he crits or one shots something

Displacer beast is low

Blood hunter is low

Bloodhunter fights anyway because yes

Bard and cleric NPCs start offering ranged support

Sorcerer's turn

His player isn't here

I decide he would cast magic missile, so he wouldn't have to deal with the displacer beasts displacement

Roll a d20 for wild surge

Roll a 1


Magic goes wild

Roll a d100

Get a 7

"7-8: You cast Fireball as a 3rd-level spell centered on yourself."

The sorcerer us in the middle of the group


Druid has a homebrew feat that make his nat 1s nat 20s but in the stupidest way possible, so he is flung away from the explosionbecause yes

Bard gets knocked

Sorcerer gets knocked 3 DAMAGE AWAY FROM INSTANT DEATH

Eldritch Knight used Shield Master to Ignore damge

Bloodhunter used EK and his two big fuckoff shields as cover, taking half damage

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Cleric takes the blast and doesn't even get knocked

Rogue, Leroy, and first displacer beast were out of range

Displacer Beast 2 is looking fucked up, missing a leg and a tentacle

The Bloodhunter transforms into his werebear form for the first time and scares the shit out of DB number 2 and it GTFOs so fast

Leroy finishes off DB 1 with a screw attack (like metroid) using his sword, slicing it in half

We were all scared shitless but no one died, thank gods

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