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Wild Magic Sorcerer upset about Wild Magic Effect

Hi everyone, I'm in a need of a little advice.

In our last session, a player who is currently playing a Wild Magic Sorcerer triggered a wild magic surge which resulted in the character growing in game by six inches. They are playing a homebrew race where most individuals are under four feet tall and with the extra six inches, their character height got bumped to 4'1". The wild magic surge table doesn't indicate that the effect wears off so I let them know the change was permanent.

The player was VERY upset at their character had been permanently altered due to the wild magic surge. I was surprised at how upset they were, especially considering that the change in height is, in my opinion, one of the least exciting potential effects of a wild magic surge. When they created this character, I strongly encouraged them to go through the whole table before committing to their choice, but I'm not sure they did based on their reaction to their character's height changing.

I already talked to the player after the session and they said that their biggest issue is that their character's appearance was changed without their consent. I understand people being upset about non-consensual changes to their character, but I feel like if you are going to be bothered by that maybe you shouldn't play a character that has a tendency to cause those changes in themselves and others? I relented a bit and said that if they could find a spell caster capable of casting "remove curse" that they would be able to reverse the change. They got upset again though about how their personal goal was now going to be devoted to fixing their height change and at the end of the conversation said they want to talk about this more.

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Should I stand strong on this? I feel like I already gave them a way out of a consequence that was intended to be permanent. Also, if they're upset about this, it seems likely to me that future wild magic surges will cause repeats of this exact situations. How do I make clear to the player that they need to become more comfortable with the consequences of wild magic surges?

TLDR: Wild Magic Sorcerer is upset that a wild magic surge changed the appearance of their character, despite me saying that they could remove the effects with a 'remove curse' spell. Now they're upset that they have to seek someone out to fix their height.

EDIT: Something I didn't mention is that this player is very new to playing DnD and their wild magic sorcerer is the first character they've created that's capable of performing magic. Because of their inexperience with DnD and casting classes in general, I'm inclined to be lenient in this instance.

I am going to encourage them to re-read over the wild magic surge table and tell them that if they're not comfortable with the potential effects in the future, that they need to consider creating a new character or coming up with a narrative reason for their current character to switch subclasses. Thank you everyone for your advice! I just needed a little encouragement to stick to my guns.

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