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Wizard and the Fighter drop the F-Bomb during the session.

Content of the article: "Wizard and the Fighter drop the F-Bomb during the session."

  • > Be me: the DM.
  • > Be not me: the Bard, the Wizard, and the Fighter named Flavius.
  • > Playing D&D 5e.
  • > The party journeys to the dungeon with the BBEG.
  • > The winter has already arrived. The land is covered in snow.
  • > Random encounter roll.
  • > While en route, the party notices a large area not covered in snow from the distance. They decide to investigate.
  • > They get closer and see an Adult Blue Dragon, digging around the area, seemingly searching for something.
  • > Party decides to cautiously approach.
  • > Dragon notices them. While seemingly aggressive at first, it immediately engages in diplomacy.
  • > Dragon tells the party that he was evicted from his lair by another dragon, and now he is plotting revenge.
  • > He tried to get into the tomb of an ancient dragonslayer, but it had a trap that catches dragons trying to get in, and so the Dragon is now unable to physically leave this area.
  • > Dragon has found one entrance, but is too big to get inside.
  • > Asks if the party could retrieve the spear of the dragonslayer (he needs it for his revenge, and also believes that it would break the trap holding him here).
  • > Party agrees and descends into the tomb.
  • > The area that they can search isn’t large, and fortunately they find the spear pretty quickly.
  • > Spear deals some extra damage to dragons, so the party decides to use it if the dragon betrays them.
  • > Party contacts a Silver dragon they know through Sending spell to ask him if he knows anything about the Blue Dragon.
  • > Silver Dragon says to be wary.
  • > Party decides to attack the dragon as soon as it tries anything funny.
  • > Party exits the tomb and after few short words hostilities ensue.
  • > Dragon was ready for that.
  • > What he said was partially true: while he did need the spear for revenge, he wasn’t trapped. Just needed someone small and more capable than his kobold minions (whose corpses the party has found inside the tomb) to get the spear.
  • > Fighter rushes in. Falls into a pit covered by Hallucinatory Terrain to look like loose soil patch, similar to the soil in the entire area.
  • > Bard casts Phantasmal Killer. Absolutely no effect.
  • > Wizard casts Acid Arrow. It goes through the dragon without affecting it. Party realises that the dragon they are seeing is an illusion.
  • > The real dragon is burrowed underground, observing the battlefield through his illusory copy made with Mislead spell. He dug around the area previously while removing the snow cover so that people wouldn’t notice the spot where he dug.
  • > It digs itself out, and covers the pit the Fighter fell in with Wall of Force.
  • > The party has been tricked and divided, but they are determined to fight (mostly because they have limited ways to escape).
  • > The fight continues. After the Fighter managed to get out of the pit and dealt a few blows to the Dragon, the Dragon decides to flee.
  • > Uses Mislead again to cover its escape with an illusory copy while being invisible.
  • > Wizard has a hunch and casts See Invisibility. Sees the fleeing dragon.
  • > The dragon, however, dashes pretty far away. Seems like it is about to escape.
  • > Wizard decides to do a pro-gamer move.
  • > Suggests to the Fighter to ready an action to strike.
  • > Wizard flies towards the fighter and casts Dimension Door.
  • > Dragon be like nani.png
  • > The Wizard teleports himself and the Fighter towards the dragon which was around 100 feet in the air and drops the Fighter on the Dragon from above.
  • > Fighter kills the Dragon in an epic manner.
  • > Since Fighter’s name was Flavius, the party decided to call this manoeuvre “The F-Bomb”.
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