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Wizard casts Wish and tactical nukes the campaign during the last big encounter

Content of the article: "Wizard casts Wish and tactical nukes the campaign during the last big encounter"

Be me, DM. Same DM from the awakened chicken fiasco running a long ass 5e campaign

actually happened last night

be not me, same group as before

dwarf barb/fighter

gold Dragonborn barb

Yewheart (treant) druid

newly lizardfolk previously tiefling gunslinger/alchemist/rogue

warforged wizard

after fighting and defeating the paragon beholders (and raising the fucking chicken to be a drow), party is level 17.

of course the wizard takes Wish

party dealing with a host of demons, also previously mentioned

leadership is a sibriex, a goristro, a marilith, and a corrupted treant

use newly acquired airship to sail to demon army place.

it’s the end of the campaign and I’m just letting them do whatever

have an ancient silver dragon friend who is also helping, who apparently has also called an ancient brass ally

have armies and shit they’ve called in favors to acquire

The battle is being had!

everyone’s going after their own targets.

gunslinger and druid and wizard on the back of the dragon

dragonborn going toe to toe with the goristro (ring of Enlarge)

other barb going directly for this sort of demonic steampunk platform with pylons and a portal to the abyss

gunslinger takes a shot at the marilith and crits

druid drops a tsunami on the battlefield

wizard dimension doors to the portal platform, where the dwarf barb has just engaged with the sibriex

sibriex is the mastermind of the invasion, and the creator of the portal, and party stronger suspects this

barbarian does a shit ton of damage to the sibriex who does a shit ton of damage to the wizard

Crawford has once said that sneak attack can apply situationally to multiple enemies on a single turn… so the rogue finishes the marilith and the goristro in one round and then action surges and fucks up the sibriex

dwarf barb finishes the sibriex

wizard points at its quickly liquifying corpse and says “I Wish this creature never existed

broke the DM

late at night anyway, druid has a med school midterm in the morning

call the session so I can figure it out, and have a mild aneurysm

sibriex and it’s machinations are the reason why the druid was our adventuring, to find a way to save his forest

sibriex and it’s machinations are what killed wizards previous character

wizard using poorly worded Wish in combat just undid nearly a year’s worth of play

So. That happened. I’ve sort of figured out what’s going to happen next but half my group watches the D&D subs so I can’t post that stuff yet.

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Will update next week.

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