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Wolf in Hat

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Be me, Co-DM. Designated numbers boi and nerd with system knowledge

Be not me, Main DM. Lovely seventy-something woman who handles worldbuilding and NPCs and story

Be placed in charge of running a combat. Ask Main DM:

“You think think this might be a bit much?”

“They’ve forgotten what it means to be afraid. Make them Bleed :)”

Yes ma’am.

Four beefed-up direwolves and a Darkling warrior with PC levels. Can create a bubble of silence to mask the sounds of movement.

Problem. Our players are on-point when checking for hazards and ambushes and direwolves still aren’t too stealthy. Can use zone of silence to fool auditory senses, but enemies have nothing to fool PCs' visual senses. Need a way to keep the PC’s attention in one direction – so much as one glance backward and everything falls apart.

Plan.exe: have one of four direwolves approach from the opposite direction, and freeze when the PCs see it. Hopefully will keep the PCs’ attention focused in one direction while the enemy sneaks up behind them across an open plain.

Problem. What if PCs see it as a threat and become alert upon seeing it? If PCs are alerted or start combat, they’ll likely take up defensive positions and check for additional enemies, meaning they'll immediately notice the approaching sneak attack. Need a way to keep the PCs from being on-edge upon seeing a fucking Direwolf.


Give the direwolf a hat. A nice red bandana wrapped around his head with his doggy ears poking out the top.

Wolf in Hat

I am a tactical mastermind and my brilliance knows no peer


PCs see Wolf in Hat and stop in place.

PCs don’t ask sensible questions, like “why is this animal alone” or “where is the rest of its pack”

PCs ask silly questions, like “why is he wearing a hat?” and “can we befriend him?”

Every PC is rightly fixated on Wolf in Hat. He's a good boy.

No PCs perform any action that takes their attention off Wolf in Hat

Darkling warrior and his pack of direwolves casually stroll up behind the party squishy, and nuke 90% of his HP in the opening round

Play some

in Discord VOIP as combat begins with other PCs spinning around to see their squishy being slammed into the floor by a greataxe wielded by a 10 foot tall monstrosity

Wolf in Hat. Goodest boy

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