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World conflict building advice wanted

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Hey all I'm a new DM (I've been a player for about 2 years) and after having my first couple sessions with my party of 5 (all are brand new players) I'm excited to dig in an prepare more with my world building. I'm getting the hang of DMing pretty quickly and really love it. My players are pretty heavily invested already and I'm excited to make that pay off for them. I'm decent at adapting on the fly, but preparing and having hidden forces at work in my world really help me tie all of their stories together and direct the flow of the campaign towards something bigger. That being said I've started preparing loose story points for the party to deal with as the story continues. Here is an over simplified version of it.

  1. players unify to figure out the abnormalities effecting all of their characters (pretty heavy backstory stuff here for them)
  2. the party slowly travels different parts of the world. During this time they discover elements of how their backstories are connected.
  3. Party starts to resolve and fix their individual problems as a team. Slowly they realize there is something bigger at play here
  4. Large monsters start to cause problems for civilization and party deals with them accordingly (not always a combat solution)
  5. They gain knowledge to a secret organization that has been invisibly pulling the strings behind every large scale event so far. The party figures out how to deal with this threat.
  6. It's too late, final boss has been born and party is only ones who can save the world. They fight it.
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I feel like having this general flow prepared helps me sow seeds of later conflict subtly into my characters peripheries. Every once in a while with an insanely good roll at the right time they will get a glimpse behind the curtain so to speak.

And here is where i get to my real question. For those much more experienced DMs out there what would you advise for world building advice? Obviously my players are low level right now, but how do you like to reward your players early on for paying attention. I love people having those AH HA! moments, but at the same time I don't want to overwhelm them. I'm curious what advice you all would give for rewarding characters investment in the story? Additionally any advice on mistakes to avoid while world building would be appreciated!

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