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Would love some help on a trap I’m designing!

Content of the article: "Would love some help on a trap I’m designing!"

I'm working off of the Tempest trap in Xanathar's pg.120. I particularly need help regarding the D6 table. I'm using a 4 table instead though. When to implement saves for the effects, how they would stack, etc. I'm worried that a PC could start a turn and have to make 4 saves, or be blind, have disadvantage on ability checks, and take damage. In the Tempest trap, as I understand it, there are no saves? the effects just happen until the next time the DM rolls on the table? So I'm pretty unsure on how to run this. once they fail the poison save, considering the gas is still in the room, do they make a save at the start of each turn again taking damage again? Or, do they only make the save again when the DM rolls poison/4 on the table. Anyway, here it is.

The PCs come upon a small 10ftx10ft hut like structure of 3 walls, with its 4th wall seemingly rolled up at the roof. 4 PCs could fit, max, and they would be cramped. The walls seem waxed in some way, to seal it. A sign at the opened wall/door reads "goods storage". Inside they can see against the back wall, a pile of burlap sacks. In front of the pile is a chest.

opening the chest triggers a rope which is hidden against the wall under a layer of wax, to go taught. it threads through the ceiling as 3 sacks (tied together) at the top of the pile swing into the ceiling. Roll initiative

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Initiative 20 behind you, you hear the sound of the rolled up wall unfurling and shutting, and as it hits the ground you hear a loud THUD of something heavy (sacks full of stones to weigh the door down). And in front of you within the sacks, you hear what sounds like the breaking of glass. And a moment later, a hissing sound (gas begins to be released).
Initiative 10 – seeping out of the pile of sacks, a dark green gas fills room (DC18 constitution saving throw) 4d10 poison damage, or half as much on save
Next Initiative 20 -. You hear another glass breaking sound. You start to see a slight colour tint change in the Gas, like two of them are swirling and mixing together.
D4 determines which gas
1 – hallucinatory gas (orange) fills the room. All INT and WIS checks have disadvantage until the start of your next turn
2 – DC15 CON save,- blinding gas (pink) fills the room – you can only see 1 foot in front of you.
3 – DC16 CON save weakening gas (brown) fills the room – all strength and dex checks made in the room have disadvantage
4 – the same green poison gas fills the room (DC18 constitution saving throw) 4d10 poison damage, or half as much on save

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Stabbing the wall to release gas causes weapon to get stuck in the sticky sealing compound – DC14 strength check to dislodge it. Pulling the sacks aside reveals an old salvaged airship gas shell/bomb. sealing its holes, pucturing the walls enough will dissipate the gas.

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