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Would this BBEG concept seem stale to you?

Content of the article: "Would this BBEG concept seem stale to you?"

This will be my first ever homebrew. I feel like that is pertinent maybe. I don't know if what I've come up with is overdone or bland or stale or whatever.

So for a little general lore I am working out, a couple of centuries ago in my world, a cult of Cyric (God of Lies), became powerful enough to wreak quite a bit of havoc, and through some deception (of course) incite a huge coalition of orc tribes into waging, and very nearly winning, a war over the rest of the civilized kingdoms.

Present day. Our BBEG is an Aasimar (unsure of gender) and devout follower of Oghma (God of Knowledge). We'll call her Brecky. I'm not sure at this point of Brecky's exact role in the temple. Maybe a priest or maybe a paladin or maybe even some lowly uninteresting position. Brecky sees the world around her as starting to lose its way. She sees the people around her becoming more and more comfortable with lying and deception and untruths. She sees it in people in power. Even in children. And in Brecky's mind, this can surely only result in one thing. A repeat of the great Orcish war. This leads to Brecky being ousted from the temple of Oghma for increasingly radical behavior towards anything she deemed to be " tainted with dishonesty", as well as some other erratic behavior. So she sets out on a path to dismantle the Kingdom and sit atop the rubble so she can build a new, honest, perfect new world.

I feel like being an Aasimar would drive her and motivate her even more. And there's the option, if I make her young enough, to have her transform into a Fallen Aasimar (if I'm reading the subrace correctly) as she transitions from LN to LE.

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I'm trying to make Brecky easy to be against, but hard to hate, if that makes sense.

Any comments or ideas or tips?

Thanks in advance. I'm off to bake some cookies for our Nerd Labor Day cookout and game session tomorrow. I love you all. (I'm high as shit, but I'd still love you all if I wasn't)

Edited to say that we're playing a different campaign tomorrow. Not whatever hot mess I end up cobbling together after this. I felt like that was also pertinent. Maybe.

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