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Would you like a sourcebook or expansion that expands the game past level 20?

Content of the article: "Would you like a sourcebook or expansion that expands the game past level 20?"

If been thinking about I would like to see being added to 5e in the future. We've had everything to new subclasses, multitude of variant rules. Stuff for worldbuilding character creation. And a few books of monsters. Its all very good but its also kind of general, with most books giving you a little expansion on everything. I think going forward, I would like something that really focuses on a specific part of the game.

Thinking about it, I think it would be cool to expand the game past level 20. A whole new set of rules and recourses for players that want to continue adventuring after they've saved the world. New abilities for each class and subclass, going up to level 30. New monsters of challenge rating 30+. New spells, and spellcasting of 10th level or higher. A new class of magic items above legendary. Statblocks for gods and demigods.

A whole new tier of the game that really focuses on turning the game into a power fantasy, with expansions to each pillar of the game to accommodate. Give barbarians a STR of 35, give wizards the option to create their own spells. Rules for creating kingdoms, becoming a lich, killing a god, rewriting the laws of the universe. A tier higher than "world renown heroes." A whole expansion of things that literal paragons can do with their new power.

Or at least, I think that would be interesting. But I dunno how practical it would be. Realistically, most games don't make it to level 20 anyway. And a common complaint is that the game gets harder to balance after level 15, although I hope an expansion like this would remedy that.

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Do you think something like this could be implemented well? And assuming it was well designed, would you be interested? I think it would be cool to have even if it realistically didn't see much use. I've personally always been drawn to the more overpowered, heroic side of the game. But I rarely get to experience it because most games don't get that far, and when they do there's no where else to go.

Curious what people thoughts are.

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