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Wuxia Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons Project.

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Well! most of you are aware of Wuxia/Chinese Martial arts, or generally started to know more about cultivation and martial arts and such, and Obviously most of you people are aware of the famous Tabletop RPG "Dungeons and Dragons" .

Why mention these two seemingly unrelated things? well! glad you asked, most of the people who usually read all these Wuxia novels and Cultivation manga such as Apotheosis, Martial Peak, God of Martial arts, Rebirth of the Urban cultivator, The Scholar's reincarnation and many more, Whenever I read these the urge to sort of, experience these always comes up to my head whenever i read the latest chapters and have no other place to preoccupy myself into, realistically we wouldnt be able to experience most of these Wuxia feelings, thus the second best thing would be merging it with another well known source of fantasy gaming being Dungeons and Dragons! a world of imagination, Story telling and fighting mixed with the World of Cultivation, Martial arts and spiritual sensations!

I have taken it upon myself to start a decently large project to strive for a perfect Wuxia Homebrew world tackling as many aspects as I could in Wuxia Novels, from the core details such as cultivation and Martial arts to Alchemy, family building, Revenge, Honor, all the pure elements of what makes a Wuxia setting fantastical! Sadly, as a sole person working on this project, I can easily find out all the things i need to work at but i can't mentally handle doing them all on my own, creating so many new systems from scratch, a whole new spell set, cultivation levels, alchemy rules, animals, monsters, sects, even handling a discord server would put a strain on me, thus for all the people who would love to push this project forward, I would want to set up a team of people who high imagination, potential, capabilities to be specified tasks on which they would do as accurately as possible.

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Thus whoever would want to join my current DND/Wuxia homebrew project could message me here or message me on my discord: Nah#6688 telling me just a simple reason on why you're interested in joining and what you most like about the Wuxia stories you read, I don't have a specific criteria or even super high expectations so don't be too afraid to try to contribute even if its the smallest amount!

Thank you for your time you amazing people! love you all!

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