Dungeons & Dragons Online

XCOM in the Cogent System

Be me: Tension, obsidian black male Viper

Be not me: Sezzu, tan female Viper; Liz, human female.

DM: You're squad is brought together for the first time as a briefing.. introductions are in order.

Tension slithers forward, "I'm Tension, lived in this city pretty much all my life, was a mechanic before joining the police…"

Sezzu, "I joined up to learn about weapons… I was ADVENT before this. Can't easily get plasma weapons anymore."

Liz "Hey, I'm a forensic analyst."

Most of us equipped with mag pistols, Liz has an ADVENT energy shield.

The campaign is kind of still being put together…

We're sent out on a call to deal with a shots-fired call in the warehouse district of the city.

Sezzu finds their way to a window, Liz takes the door, Ten finds a vent to slither into

Liz is the distraction!

Liz opens the door and steps in to immediate detection… I mean that is the point of distraction.

Roll initiative… Liz last, the enemy, Ten, then Xers

Awkward Humaning! As Liz continues trying to be the distraction.

The enemy breaks into action taking cover and readying to shoot Liz.

Ten bursts from the vent behind the enemies "Police! You're surrounded, drop your weapons and hands in the air!" he shouts!

Last but certainly not least Sezzer slithers off the catwalk into a falling tackle!

Sezzu gets a good landing on the Human, knocked to the ground.

Sezz lands the tong pull on the Muton! Into the coils they go.

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Muton struggles… "Don't even think about it!"

Seeing the mayhem Sezz is already getting up to Tension spits venom at one of the Humans

Beat him by three. Go for a disarm and Viper venom his gun to make him drop it.

Enemy's turn… only one human left. Takes a shot at Liz!

She blocks the shot with her shield… flickery now.

Liz's turn! Return fire!

The defense roll ties the attack… both of them Matrix dodge eachother's attacks.

DM notes we did everything a little wrong.

Back to the declaration phaze for the next round!

Liz begins battle. Dive behind cover.

The enemies try to recover… drawing weapons and trying to free themselves

Ten plans to spit a poison cloud and dive for cover.

Sezz crushing coils against the Muton and readies to shoot the prone Human

Sezz is a horrible shot. The human gets off a retaliation against them.

Sezz deflects with armor and Destiny Points to come out unscathed.

Sezz squeezes the Muton… squishy Muton.

Ten spits a poison cloud and ducks behind cover! Easy roll attacking an area rather than a specific person.

Shot against Ten misses, hits his cover!

Rifle guy blasts through the cover and graze Tension's Armor!

Enemy tried to rifle but v Sezz… yeah that's not smart. Drop Muton and try to coil around this fool.

Had to step away for RL and missed the rest of the round…


Ten surges back into the vents.

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Sezz makes their attacks… bad rolls the enemy get a retaliation.

Extremely lucky roll on the enemy rifleman

Ten surges into the vents emerging on the catwalks with a view of the human rifleman.

A shot against Sezz… good roll on the attack ant she takes harm!

Liz! Manages to shoot the pistol out of the hands of the guy who had the rifle shot out of his hands.


Liz gonna shoot.

Looks like the enemies are fleeing. Rifleman standing his ground scanning for Ten.

Ten goes for a flying tackle against one of the fleeing gunmen!

Sezz goes for shooting the guy who's wounded her.

Sezz burns her last Destiny Point, hurts him real bad and another shot coming!

Another good shot on him Sezz just shot him in both knees!

Burn Destiny Points to make the non-acrobatic Ten not faceplant on his flying tackle.

And it's good!

Tens good at constricting but dang this guys lucky on not getting squeezed.

Rules layering gets Ten the win on the grapple

Pistol thugs turn… the enemies are mostly disabled

Liz! Fires on pistol thug… he somehow deflects!

Pistol guy incapped from all the bulletwounds.

Liz preps to shoot at the last guy…

last guy readies to shoot at Ten

Ten readies to poison spit at the rifle guy and squish the crushed thug

Sezz misses and the rifleman fires!

Rules layering again saves us as Sezz nails him with a light wound.

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Second shot! Sezz wins the competition again and nails him with another bulletwound

Ten spits the rifle out of the rifleman's hands and crushes the bound thug

Formerly rifle thug no longer has his rifle…

Bound thug is unable to do anything.

Liz fires on him! 2, a medium wound against no-longer-rifle-guy!

Destiny Role! 2… Liz spends a Destiny Point… 7. We're less screwed.

Combat over… 1 Muton cuffed, 1 human cuffed, 1 human hospitalized, 1 human dead.

We win and the simulation comes down, the medics walk in and our trainers are pleased with how well we did.

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