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Be me: Tension, obsidian black male Viper

Be not me: Sezzu, tan female Viper; Liz, human female.

Being cops has benefits, given a full heal before we're sent out on our first real mission.

Found out we misunderstood some rules and decided to adopt the Hardcore Optional Rules.

DM gives us the ability to slowly work on new skills.

Rescue mission! Hostage situation in a single story building… most rooms have windows.

Breaching time!

We're told the locations of the enemy positions throughout the building… large number of enemies.

Sezzu's player describes a way of getting in through the roof

Ten carefully pries a hole into the roof from where the vent-pipe comes from and slips in.

Sezzu's turn! Sneak mode on the prowl for a quiet way down.

The normal way down is a pull-down hatch ladder… noisy thing.

Party quietly roams searching for where the floor is soft enough for Ten to cut another hole.

Ten gets 6 6 6 3 1… unexpected.

We can hear what's going on below us… muffled noises, voices, somebody moving about.

Spend a fate point and quietly cut through a soft spot into the bathroom… nobody there. We've got our infiltration point.

Sezzu slithers in and now to listen at the door… spent a Destiny Point but the dice were not with her. Slightly noisier than desired but didn't draw attention. Hear one enemy right outside.

Prep to quickly and quietly open the door and tranq the guy in the face!

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Goes off without a hitch… however Sezzu trying to grab him doesn't 1 success.

Manage to pull it off and get the whole party through the hole.

We manage to get to an advantageous position going into the next room, found another solitary enemy.

Liz opens the door and another surprise tranq! Success!

Liz manages to catch him before a thud alerts the rest of them as Sezz checks the next door.

Sezz finds another one in the bedroom… one very good tranqing later and he flops right onto the bed.

We're flushing them out so far… by intel we've got a good number of the whole but haven't found the Sectoid or the hostage yet.

Reach the door to the garage… to intel on the garage. Decide since the door opens toward us to quietly prop a chair against the door so any enemies in their can't get in.

More than one enemy in the next room.

Breach! Tranq shot, reload 'nade, and Sez charges in!

Sectoid tranqed! Reload 'nade takes down the Human's gun! Blunt end of a fireaxe swung at the Human's head… yeah the Human ducked.

Liz and Sezz change in trying to get the remaining Human… the Human is trying to get away…

Ten just aims up and readies to try and tranq him… miss.

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Sezz hits! Level three victory, sweep the legs with the bad end of her axe. Human faceplants.

Liz runs up and shield-bodyslams the human… that's probably excessive force.

Well he's out cold… maybe comatose given how hard he was hit.

Ten cuffs him and begins to check him over… yeah there's a nasty lookin' headwound but he's at least still breathing.

Only foes left in the garage.

Check for a garage door opener… not seeing one.

Prepare to open the door.

Liz waltzes around to pound on the garage door as the Vipers slip in through the internal door.

Three thugs and an out cold Viper!

Sezz surges in to swing her axe… she got permission for that in her kit as a breaching tool. That's gonna be a lotta paperwork.

Ten tosses his last reload 'nade into the battle to screw over their guns

Liz surges in engaging with melee to keep their guns mostly useless.

Ten takes aim with his tranq gun while Sezz resumes bludgeoning with the blunt end of the axe.

One of the thugs gets off a good shot nearly wounding our axe snake.

Shooting into melee really isn't effective and our axe wielder is really taking them down.

Manage to tranq the guy with the last working gun right after the melee-snek gives him a concussion.

One guy remaining… he's refusing to surrender so how about a nice energy-riot shield to the face from Liz's riot shield. Flattens him against the back wall… squishy.

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Yeah… good thing he was the last one he needs a medic immediately!

One enemy left dodge dip duck dive and dodging Sezzy's axe!

Last guy tries to make a break for it through all the chaos… only to fall flat on his face with a tranq dart in his back.


Ten checks on the hostage… Sezz decides she wants to crush the tranqed guy… in front of all the rest of the force.

Hostage is OK… very minor injuries.

Little bit of discussion and we get paid for our job so far.

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