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Your Patron Wants to Talk to You – Some ideas for making patron conversations interesting

Content of the article: "Your Patron Wants to Talk to You – Some ideas for making patron conversations interesting"

If you're looking for a way for your PC to talk to their patron, these are a few thematic ideas that could add a lot of flavor to your interactions with them.

Some of these are ideas for PCs contacting their patron and vice versa.

Archfey – These beings live in our dreams, but remember that they also live in our nightmares.

  1. There is something twitching in your bag, when you reach in, your hand comes out with a sock puppet with some button eyes on it. The Puppet begins speaking to anyone around who saw this happen.
  2. You wake up in the middle of the night, and hear a scuffling under your bed. There is some dark fey creature under there that has a message for you.
  3. Every cat in a settlement sneaks off to some secluded location to have a meeting, you get the urge to go there as well and see them moving outside.
  4. A tinny voice comes out of a flower your passing, and must be used like a telephone
  5. Sometimes when you look in a mirror, your image speaks back to you.
  6. A small door appears on a nearby tree. You'll have to crawl through – you've been invited for tea.
  7. A crow pecks on your windowsill and speaks to you when you let it in.
  8. You wake up in the morning and see a mushroom circle has sprouted overnight. When you step into it you will be transported to the feywild and your patron.
  9. Your patron asks a child to draw you a picture and give it to you on the street.
  10. Your patron steals your food and leaves a trail of crumbs to where you can find them.
  11. If you leave a tooth under your pillow, your patron will leave you a note in return.

Fiend – These beings are evil, but will follow the contracts and deals you make to the letter.

  1. Whenever a house begins to burn, you know you must enter it and take a seat in the living room. You will be protected from the flames.
  2. You must spill some of your blood, which turns into an imp and gives you orders before flying away to cause trouble in the world.
  3. You start seeing a black goat following you around until you follow it into the woods and it leads you to a clearing with a bonfire burning in the middle.
  4. A swarm of ants cover you while you sleep, and whisper your masters orders to you.
  5. A dead body speaks with your masters voice when they want to talk to you.
  6. An old skull you carry around lights up with flames and it floats into the air and begins speaking.
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Great Old One – This is something large and alien that communicates through images and emotions. What it asks of you will not make sense, and it won't ever be worried about your wellbeing.

  1. When the extra moon only you can see appears in the sky, you know to expect dreams.
  2. Your patron can only speak to you as you hold your head underwater, and will continue to send you nightmares until you do so.
  3. Your patron is somewhere deep below the earth, and sometimes when you hold your ear to the ground you can hear it whispering up to you
  4. Your patron contacts you by leaving strange runes only you can understand written on your body in an inky purple liquid.
  5. There is a house across the street that wasn't there yesterday, and the door is wide open. Only you and your friends seem able to see it. If you go in, the walls are covered in writing from many different hands, and you are compelled to begin writing your patrons message to you.
  6. A homeless person passes you a muddy piece of paper with a drawing on it, you look at it and understand what is wanted of you. The homeless person denies that they ever passed you the note and looks at you like your crazy if you ask.
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Celestial – These beings use their warlocks to work that they couldn't ask their believers to, or to hide something from a being more powerful then themselves.

  1. This patron saved you from an arrow that would've killed you, and no forces you to do good for them. When they want to talk, the arrow appears in the air in front of you where everyone can see, and can't be moved broken or dispelled. The longer you take to respond to your patron, the closer it moves to your heart.
  2. The Skys part and a dove flys down and drops a carefully folded piece of parchment with some commands on it.
  3. You get the urge to seek out a beautiful natural place, and when you find one an animal approaches you and speaks to you.
  4. Your god likes walking among mortals, and will sometimes appear as a barman, a store owner, a towns guard etc. They are either magically perfect at their job, or obliviously terrible at it.
  5. Whenever you spend time flipping through a holy scripture, you find passages that seem oddly specific to your life. "Psalm 4:20 – And on that day, (PC) helped (The Mayor) to fight the beast that was terrorizing (Current Town)"
  6. When you go to an area associated with the divine being you work for, you will sometimes find a gift from your divine that tells you that they want you to contact them through prayer.
  7. An image of your god appears in your morning toast when they want you to contact them.

Hexblade – The hexblades make pacts so that they can exist in the mortal world and be used for what they were made to accomplish.

  1. Your swings with your weapon sometimes inadvertently carve a letter into your enemies, and if they die before it is completed you can swing at a wall and get the whole message.
  2. Your wake up with your weapon in your hand, standing next to your bed. You need to do some killing.
  3. When you kill someone with your weapon, their blood might spell a message on the ground either coming from their body or from your weapon.
  4. When you try to summon it, your weapon doesn't come. It won't until you meditate to speak with it and see what it wants.
  5. When you use your hexblades curse, a message might appear to be tattooed onto your traget.
  6. Your weapon takes it with you the next time you dismiss it, back to it's realm.
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