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Your Setting: What Would You Change?

Content of the article: "Your Setting: What Would You Change?"

I've been having some interesting thoughts concerning my setting recently – I first designed it three years ago, and I love it, but nowadays I have some sticking points.

  • Racial Diversity. I have a great deal of cultures – an ancient empire that once ruled the whole world and fought ancient desert tribes; a druidic culture that ruled my world's main continent, fighting the orcs who lived on floating mountains; a pirate culture; and a Viking analogue that forcibly took over from the Druids. The issue is they're all humans. There are dwarves, and orcs, and goblins, and sea-people, and a whole lot of tieflings in my world, but the most powerful and pervasive cultures my group have interacted with have all been human-centric. That was by design (I was on a Ravenloft hype at the time of inception), but nowadays I would want to change that. Make the ancient empire dragonborn, maybe tieflings, or make the druids firbolgs, or all three.
  • Strict Adherence to Certain Rules. I put in a whole mess of worldbuilding elements – there's a mist that snatches up the unwary in the night and transports them to the Feywild, and even if you avoid it it can drive you insane. Aside from that arcane magic is very dangerous and can transform you into a hideous aberration if you aren't careful (a dead god is using the Weave to make himself a new body, corrupting it). A lot of the ways my cultures and world are built depend on these factors, but I didn't want to disadvantage my players too much so at the beginning of the campaign I just handwaved it – 'If you know how to cast spells you can ward off the mists every night for a small group'; '"Not being careful" isn't applicable to player characters, I'm not going to kill your characters by DM fiat,' 'Oh I know arcane magic and divergent religions are illegal, but let's assume you're being careful'. I kind of wish I'd come up with a system(s) that would have made these elements mechanically or narratively relevant at the table, but I was a new DM and wanted to keep people happy essentially.
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Not sure how much of that I can 'change' per se, but that's what I wanted to get off my chest! I'm interested – any other DMs look back with hindsight and think 'I wish I'd done this differently?'

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