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1st PMC Kill

Hey all, hope you don’t mind me sharing my new-to-Tarkov story but I don’t have any friends that play or would understand.

Picked up this game a little over a week ago. I don’t play much multiplayer these days as real life and a desire to play a lot of games prevents me from going all in and getting decent at one. Bought this because I was fondly thinking about my early PUBG days when I would get my heart racing and adrenaline pumping when getting in fights (early on) and read about this game essentially amping that up to 11.

I’m only probably ever going to be a solo player at this game. I play maybe 2 rounds a night (1 Scav, 1 PMC) and only play on customs right now. Read a bunch of new player guides, still have no idea what I’m doing, but know enough that to get anywhere at this game I need to roll up my sleeves and get in it.

To this date I have never killed anything in any raid. I’ve been able to wander a bit as a Scav and leave with some modest loot and that’s a win in my book right now. Most Scav runs involve me shooting at a Scav by accident and getting killed. Have yet to run into a PMC on a Scav run.

My PMC runs have all been disastrous. I basically take my Scav gear and load up the PMC with it in hopes of finding something better while not risking my halfway decent gear I started with. I either die to a PMC about 4 minutes in or die to a Scav about 10 minutes in.

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My run last night was typical. Loaded in with my AK-POS and Idea rig and one extra mag and a bandage (Loaded for bear baby!). Started normal. Was getting shot at by a Scav on a cross road but couldn’t see him. Only knew it was a Scav because I wasn’t getting hit. Panicked and waited for him but did not have any good angles so I cut my losses and retreated off.

Wandered around for a bit, clueless as normal but sort of heading across the map to my guaranteed extract. Finally hear some steps around the corner of a building and decide to make a move. Round the corner to see a Scav ADSing right at me. I manage to get one shot off after taking 2 hits. I’m ok just a hit to the leg and thorax but no bleeding. Somehow kill him – must’ve got him in the face. Anyway, first Scav kill eva time to celebrate! I go and loot him and quickly resize this was no Scav, this dude had a AKM and a MP5 and halfway decent armor. It hits me that this was a PCM and all his gear was better than mine so I as quickly as possible basically dump everything I’m wearing and swap it out for his.

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Now the panic hits in – holy shit I need to get out of here with this. Alt Tab to check a map, closest ????? Extract is the old gas station so I decide to risk it. Now I’ve played enough games and lived enough life to know that the I’m 100% going to get murdered before I get anywhere with this gear but oh well.

I see a Scav near to where I’m going, aim the AKM (with a drum mag and and actual scope!) and quickly drop him. First actual Scav kill and holy shit was it easy with this gun, lol. Finally get near the station, heart basically pounding out of my chest and see 3 Scavs and then my heart sinks. No way I’m getting through this but at least it likely means no PMC is nearby. Scavs see me and start taking pot shots – put up or shut up time. Let me just say I’m already in love with this gun. I line up and quickly score 3 headshot kills on the Scavs like they were nothing. I know when I’m ahead and instead of looting these Scavs I quickly run in the station and see that it is still open and I make it out.

Holy shit what a rush. I know this feeling will go away with time and I should relish this new player experience so I wanted to share. Went in the raid with 0 Scav and 0 PMC kills and left with a combined 5. Lot of this was luck and I had no business winning that fight against the PMC (sorry bro!). Anyway thanks for letting me share. -Bay0net

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