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20 seconds for full stamina drain on Mosin, 34 seconds to recover. You don’t gotta be a hunter or a soldier to know that’s BS (level 19 endurance)

Content of the article: "20 seconds for full stamina drain on Mosin, 34 seconds to recover. You don’t gotta be a hunter or a soldier to know that’s BS (level 19 endurance)"

I've been hunting my whole life, grew up around guns, my dad would take me hunting when I was 12 (that didn't happen in the US so don't freak out). I've shot all sorts of guns in my life. I own a 30/06 rifle, multiple shotguns, handguns, .22 rifle. I know that holding a gun for 20 seconds won't put you out of breath, that just doesn't happen man. I could probably go a minute or more holding a gun before I had to catch my breath, way longer if I was crouched or prone and I could use my knees and the ground for support. The only case I see someone struggling to hold a gun for 20 seconds would be maybe a very heavy 50 cal sniper. Those things are absolutely massive, and still I doubt 20 seconds would be enough to put a full grown man out of breath, let alone a trained PMC who hunts people for a living.

People saying "imagine having 35KG worth of gear on you running through the wasteland". Just stop it, you can come into a raid with just your clothes and the gun and it's not going to make a difference, you can do it as soon as the raid started with 100 energy and it wouldn't change a thing. The stamina drain doesn't scale off of how much you weigh or how long you've been in the raid. It goes by the ergonomics of the gun and your own stamina level, (i could be wrong as other factors could exist) but certainly the drain is excessive even on an underweight, fresh into the raid PMC.

I get that this applies universally to everyone but this affects solo players waaaaay worse than people who play in squads and as a solo player myself I need to throw this argument out there, so let me explain how it affects solo players disproportionately:

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Squads rely on their numbers, sound is an issue but that's what you give up when you decide to go for a numbers advantage. I think it's a fair trade for having number superiority. You can hear an enemy and think it's your friend and that can get you killed. On the other hand, if you spot someone first, the chances they will make it out alive when being shot by 2-3-4 people instead of one, or getting surrounded, or having a hail of grenades thrown at them is very small. You also have a much higher chance to get your stuff back when you die, since your surviving teammates can dump your gear somewhere where people will be unlikely to find it. Even in the case of a squad wipe, you know that whoever killed you won't be able to take everything with him, leaving gear behind for you to recover. All these advantages should be enough but BSG decided to give you more.

As a solo player you have all the disadvantages as said above. Only yesterday I was in bus terminal on shoreline looting, when a duo ran up on me. They covered both exits and started throwing grenades at me. I could hear them both closing in from opposite directions so I had no escape, I had to push one of the two doors and hope for the best. Of course they both got line of sight on me, one through the window, the other through the door and they killed me. As a solo my advantage is sound, sneakiness, if I spot them first without being spotted, I can set a trap, I can choose to run the other way, but if they spot me, I'm in deep trouble. But some times you happen to be inside a building when a squad rolls up on you while looting. They don't know you're there but you know they are, this means that you can use that advantage to at least kill one before they can do anything, leaving you with one less to worry about, whether it's a duo turned into 1v1. A trio turned into 1v2 or wherever else it may be, having the ability it get that first kill without giving away my position is huge.

But now that I can't keep my gun ADSed for more than 20-30 seconds I have to un-ADS, wait for my stamina to come back up and then ADS again. The ADS sound in this game is very distinct and if a squad is in the same building they can hear it. If they ask each other "did anyone ADS" and the answer is "negative", next thing you know they are all aware of my presence, meaning I'm probably going to die. My element of surprise, my only advantage, is gone. Alternatively I can choose to never ADS when I hear them coming, just put my gun in a hip fire position and hope that's going to be good enough to take them out. Maybe I can try ADSing as soon as the guy comes around the corner but that's significantly decreasing my odds of success as it cuts down my effective time to kill by a few hundred milliseconds which is all he needs to start shooting back or run out of my bullets.

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This change to stamina drain are a clear nerf to anyone who's raiding solo and I don't know how many more nerfs solo players can take before the game becomes unplayable for them without a squad…


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