Escape from Tarkov

3 Thicc men walk into Woods at night (A Tarkov story)

My friends decided to escort me for some questing on Woods and they thought it would be fun to go thermal and lapua. I just bring an SVD, hoping for progress for Punisher part 6.We spawn in, looking good, no rain and just a little moon light. Proceed towards Lumberyard and pier, so I can leave the stuff for Ragman and plant a camera.

3-4 minutes into the raid we run into trouble, as I remember I need two parts for Lend lease part 1.I spot one guy sitting behind the house at the roadblock where one of the black SUVs are, as soon as I spot him I get dropped.. 2 BP rounds of 7.62 to the chest. This surprised me, as it was two near simultaneous impacts and only two shots heard total, as my friends confirmed.

Now I've never seen a scav spot someone from almost 100 meters away at night before so it didn't cross my mind it could be an AI at first, and I just see the name "Sektant" I think it's a player, possibly a cheater. This theory of a cheater really takes hold when my friend, approaching from my dead body's left side, also gets dropped instantly, 3 rounds BP to the chest as soon as he spots an outline in his thermal. Same name on his killer, "Sektant".

Now two guys down, our last teammate, henceforth referred to as LDI (LeavesDeadInside) takes a long, wide angle from way behind where we get dropped and quickly starts seeing the occasional heat signature moving about or crouching. So he starts dropping people, maybe 2-4 guys, as me and my other friend are discussing if this "Sektant" guy is cheating or not.

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5 minutes of sniping by my friend later, and one MP7 kill, he goes to inspect bodies and stash our loot, as is tradition. He then realizes he has only killed one other PMC, who shall not be named, who stole my SVD.. but the other bodies don't have tags and one is clearly a scav. This is when we realize the cultists have spawned and they were the ones who killed us.

Obviously this is terrible news for LDI, luckily he is the only one wearing tier 6 armour, which is also what saves him seconds later when another cultist starts putting BP rounds through a tree and into his thorax. He kills this guy in a panic, then starts heading for extract after healing up and checking the bastard for loot.

This is when the action movie turns into a horror movie. He is carefully moving, scanning the woods with his thermal for more Cultists, as we (my friend, me and another guy who joined the discord) discuss why thermal is not OP and is actually quite balanced and makes you have huge tunnel vision.You can tell he is on edge, if he didn't have his thermal he would probably make a mad rush for open ground..LDI eventually comes across 2 prone shapes, kinda close to the lone cabin towards the lake. He puts a .338 into one shape, nothing happens so he approaches. Its a dead cultist with an AK full of BP rounds.. Possibly the MOFO that killed us, but who can tell. He has the shittiest NV scope on it, so my previously loud complaining of the AI cheating with their vision is silenced…They are just able to actually use the shitty NV scope to its full potential.

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So LDI goes to the next body after another careful 360 scan of the surrounding woods. All is clear.So he approaches at a sprint. Imagine his surprise and pure feeling of panic when that "dead body" stands up, knife in hand and starts swinging at him. The cultist tanks 3 shots, drops on the second round into his thorax, .338 doing the lords work. The bastard didnt even score a hit on LDI, but he still scarred him for life..

So, still carrying his total weight, but having transferred some stomach content into his pants, he runs towards the extract, only stopping on a hill behind him to scan and make sure no crazy cultist is following him. He spots 4 heat signatures about 200-300 meters behind him, 2 are probably the dead ones he already encountered…doesn't stop him from putting a bullet into every mass of heat he sees. "Control" as they say in the Raid videos.

He successfully extracts and we stop playing Tarkov for the night, instead opting for some Tabletop sim of Eldritch Horror, as the cultists in that game are far less scary.

In conclusion, fuck Cultists, thank you for adding them, we like the g(a)me.


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