Escape from Tarkov

70% of sights are not viable/useless

Escape from tarkov dev team talks about modding system like you have absolute freedom of how you mod your gun and sells the game like its true,but its absolutely not 75% of collimators are horrible and literally cant be used and the only viable collimators are pk 06 which now costs 36k fricking roubles,which is more than an fully automatic ak74 apparently for some reason. this is kinda the only red dot that works perfectly. yes there are holos that are viable but not everyone likes holos. not even gonna talk about mrs red dot walther because that sight SUCKS so much it hurts. i mean put a laser on gun get every single red dot in game and see how the reticle "follows" the laser,often your reticle is above-under your reticle and you are not aiming where you think you would you cant test this rn in offline mode. its nice we have so many optics scope and stuff but why bother using them if they DONT WORK . you are stuck on pk-06 and vortex razor and thats it.

Optics/assault scopes: i think that all assault scopes are kinda viable with elcan not so much because the top mount for backup sight IS MISSING,sight is in game for like 4 years and the top mounts is still missing like what is so hard about making an rail mount for sights bsg? and yeah the integrated iron sights are great for spoting but not so great for shooting anything really and the sensitivity is off because we cant get a different magnification sensitivity bar because i dont know why… looking down an optic takes 50% of your fps and its really hard to hit someone with 36 fps and if you are on shoreline where you already have 36 fps you are basically fucked dont even take gun on shoreline its not worth it just hatchet run stashes or your quests or red keycard because thats the only reason people play shoreline i guess. now lets talk about optics that need to be mounted on rings,so basically you only use 30mm rings because only vudu and burris are viable and thats it who needs a 10x scope? NO ONE NEEDS A 10x SCOPE. which is kinda sad because 70% of optics never get used because why would you need a 10x scope?. yeah thats my opinion on tarkov sights and i hope it will get looked at because i wanna see people use the romeo sights the pillad the holosun comp m4 sights and im excited for it.

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tldr: 70% of tarkov sights are never being used because they dont work.

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