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A 1k Hours Player’s Take On The State Of The Game

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Hello r/EscapefromTarkov, and I have been playing this game off and on for roughly 3 years now. This was the first wipe since buying the game that I did not start playing on wipe, I only started this wipe a little less than a week ago. I will warn that this post will be a bit wordy as I'm trying to include my ideas, critiques and criticisms of EFT thus far. I know I'm just one guy, but I've been lurking this subreddit for some time and I know Nikita visits here from time to time.

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Now that the preamble is out of the way, I would first like to say that my overall experience in Tarkov has been a good one. I'm an Arma player at heart but Tarkov has been a game that gave me a rush like nothing else. That being said, I've seen the game take quite a few turns and changes since I originally purchased it, some good and others not so good in my opinion.

The first and possibly biggest change I like to talk about is the addition of FIR (Find in raid) items. This essentially means an item needs to have been spawned in the raid, and you need to extract with it in order for it to receive that status. Almost all quests require this status on items in order to be turned in, in addition, any item wanting to be sold on the flea market must have this status as well. I know it was created to combat cheaters and real money traders(RMT) but to me this feels like nothing more than artificial game lengthening at it's worst. Any player who has done multiple wipes knows the quest grind, get x amount of morphine, kill x amount of players, etc. But this was the grind you needed to get through if you wanted T4 traders or experience boosts along the way. With FIR now disappearing if you die, it just feels like Devs trying to make the game harder by not actually adding anything.

From my own experience this new idea of having to make it out alive has actually done the opposite of it's intended idea. It's made raids more and more dead, because players are getting those 1-2 items they need and immediately running to extract so they don't die. Now the same argument can be made for the old system, but at least for myself I can say, if I got something I needed for a quest and it was in my gamma, I would still play the map because at least I completed something. I think FIR is an interesting idea, but I'd propose going back to last wipe's implementation of it for it to be best used.

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This new implementation of it also doesn't really make a lot sense with some items, specifically keys. For example you find a key, extract with it, bring it into a new raid, loot the room then extract again. This key, even though you never died is no longer considered FIR. So now you can never sell this key on the market again. So imagine you find the glorious RED Labs Key card, you are now faced with the decision of selling it or actually keeping it and looting the room. This to me makes no sense, as something as valuable and cool as keys lose their value immediately if you use them just one time. Perhaps a middle ground to all of this is that items put in a secured container keep their FIR status until removed in raid. That way you wouldn't be able to drop FIR items for your friends so they could steam roll quests etc. I'm not sure that this is the answer but It's just and idea.

This leads into my next critique, the flea market. FIR items are now the only things that are able to be sold on the market. This was done allegedly to combat RMT and cheaters, but once again I think BSG is treating the symptoms and not the cause. The reason RMT is a thing is because a market for these services exist. Items are rare, and rather than farming them, people would rather pay some IRL money to have them instead. No matter what you do, RMT will exist so long as good and rare items exist. Knowing that however, you can look to limit the ways they do it, and simply making FIR a thing isn't the way IMO. If anything it has made more demand for cheaters as now you not only need to find the rare item but survive with it as well, this leads to hackers cornering their market because they're almost able to guarantee their own survival raid after raid.

I for one would like to see the flea market removed entirely or at least greatly scaled back. For example BSG could treat it like an actual traveling market, to where it would only be available on the weekends for example or maybe 1 week per month it's active, something like that. If that seems too strict or hard to implement, they could restrict the amount of trades a single player could do per day/week/month. That way we wouldn't have to worry about bots, and RMT players would need to keep buying multiple accounts to keep up with demand. That way it's more money in BSG's pocket and less in the RMTers. Restricting the flea market would also make this game have more staying power later and later into a wipe.

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As it stands now, (keep in mind I do not have the metrics in front of me, I'm only using personal experience) The player base seems to drop off drastically after the few months of wipe. Now this is normal with new games releasing, real life, etc. But I also think a large part of it is that so many of the players are able to establish an absolute stockpile of money and resources so they see no reason to keep playing. A big tool in being able to amass such fortunes is the flea market. Early progressing players are able to corner the market on a good/item and set themselves up for the whole wipe. (See Pestily w/ Salewas 1 wipe ago). Not to mention their is no need to keep "surviving" in this game. You need fuel for you generator? Just flea market it, you need more ammo? Flea market it is, Meds/supplies running low? Not anymore with the 24hr/7 day a week flea market open. Let's end the flea market dependence by making more things craftable in hideout or having to be hunted out in the world.

I'd like to see this game really explore it's "hardcore/survival" role and not make literally every item in the game available at level 10. I mean for me this wipe with starting late, I have almost 0 incentive to do the quests as I can just buy my guns,ammo and gear from the market for a slight price increase (most of the time, I'm looking at you capitalists selling 6inch rails for 100k when they're 4k from the vender).

All this being said, I think Tarkov was in it's best state it's ever been last wipe. FIR was a tough mechanic for quests to get used to, but you'd have those moments of finally finding what you needed which made it all worthwhile. This wipe however, it feels like Jaeger himself has been adding the changes. The artificial difficulty increase feels lazy and short sighted to me, If i go in and find the 2 items I need for a quest then get exit camped, I should at least be able to turn them in and get my quest done, that way it would feel like the whole run wasn't a total loss. It's these moments of salvaging something from nothing that really makes people stay with game. It's like "yeah I died and lost 400k of items and a 500k weapon, but at least I finally got those last items so I can complete my quest, or unlock a new item etc".

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If you made it this far in my wall of text, thanks for taking the time to read it. I think Tarkov is perhaps one of the most unique, punishing but rewarding games I've ever played. This is not an "I'm quitting or I'm raging!" post. It's just my take on the current state of things and how I see them. I'd be interested in hearing the communities ideas and responses to what I've said. If you do see or read this Nikita, thanks for all the work you do and I hope to keep seeing great things from this game.


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