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A Few Tips I’ve Picked Up Over My Nearly 10,000 hours (for new and intermediate players)

so i've been playing this game for a really long time and figured id share a few tips and tricks that i picked up along the way some i'm sure a lot of you know of but some i haven't seen being shared too often.


  1. Bind the controls that change your sight picture and switch you between your primary and alternate sight to keys that allow you to do this without zooming out. for example i have change sight picture bound to V and change optic to mouse 5, this allows me to switch zoom level or change to my alternate sight with ease while ADSing or moving. this will save your life and get you snipes youd normally have missed
  2. unbind knife from V, no more accidental hatchet mid firefight
  3. bind grenade to double tap g, no more accidental nade tks or self nades.
  4. set up mouse profiles for the gearsets you run, if you're using fort altyn, your look sensitivity is artificially reduced, set up a mouse profile with higher DPI so that your turnspeed is consistent regardless of gear and all your muscle memory holds up.
  5. bind delete to a more accessible key for fast item dropping (i use X)
  6. bind change crouch height and gradual lean to keys that are easily used while ADSing, you can use this to get some really dirty angles through gaps in cover etc N.B this also works with prone lean.
  7. have a bind that you are comfortable with to drop your movespeed to 0 without having to use scroll wheel
  8. bind change zero to something more accessible for example i use shift mwheel up and down, this allows me to adjust zeroing while adsing and not having to release my held breath or move my hand off my WASD's.
  9. you can use freelook to look to either side of your sight while ADSing using the increased zoom to spot without moving around or changing your scope position.

Tips And Tricks:

  1. check firemode using your alternative action key + fire mode, this is silent and doesnt require you to double tap change fire mode making noise, currently there is also a bug where if you change fire mode while checking fire mode it will be silent.
  2. due to the way Zeroing works in real life, if your target is sufficiently closer than your current zero you will counter intuitively hit significantly low, this leads to alot of cases of "i shot him in the face and he didnt die!", you're actually hitting the chest this is how zeroing works in real life too and isnt a bug.
  3. IR searchlights provide pointerfire accuracy of a laser without a visible laser for your opponents to see
  4. fence or vendor armours that go below about 60-70% of total of max durabillity as due to the way armour works its not going to protect you very well anymore, DO NOT buy for example a 50/50 zabralo because its cheap, technically its 50/85 and is not going to protect you very well.
  5. you can use the laser to bait your opponents, if a skilled player sees your laser on the wall through a door then it disapears, hes likely to push thinking you're no longer aiming at that area
  6. hold mouse 1 down after firing a sniper to stay zoomed in and watch your round impact or confirm your kill, release m1 to then rebolt the rifle for the next shot.
  7. green stims are exceptionally useful as a solo player, they give you the ability to heal almost an entire healthpool while maneuvering and will give you time while bleeding before you must heal, if you get really lit up and kill your opponent, pop a green stim and start CMSing, it lasts long enough to heal the CMSd limb while you CMS the next one.
  8. Surgical kits take longer to apply however they restore the limb to significantly higher hp than regular CMS kits and will also heal fractures.
  9. blue stims drastically increase your mobility for several minutes, if you are doing loot runs on a map like shoreline, popping a blue stim gives you a good chance of winning the race to the loot rooms for minimal negative impacts, especially while pistol running.
  10. ergo modifications not only improve your ADS speed but reduce dramatically the stamina cost of ADSing, for DMRs and snipers try to maximize your ergo if you intend to be sniping, you can get guns like the SR25 or DT MDR .308 to 80 and 86 ergo respectively with long range optics.
  11. when severely overweight, instead of proning to regain your stam and losing some of the stam when standing up, drop your bag so you are no longer overweight, this way you can easily evade if you come under fire instead of slug crawling and getting domed.
  12. if youre running a map where it is unlikely you are going to find coin items or keys, use a keytool instead of a docs case or sicc case to reduce prison wallet slots that cannot be freed up for loot.
  13. pilgrims and scav bags are like beacons, avoid using them in day raids unelss you want to be spotted from a mile away.
  14. consider using m62 over m61 at this point of the wipe as the flesh damage is much higher and it is unlikley you will need the 60+ pen of the m61 this early in the wipe.
  15. use a mix of fuse times on your grenades, this will make it exceptionally difficult for your opponent to judge his options when a grenade comes in, if you throw a m67 then a Vog your opponent has to keep track of 2 wildly different grenade fuses and has no idea whats coming next
  16. bring more than 2 magazines if you can, you dont want to get caught short because you ran into a 2 or 3 man squad and burned both your mags in the first engagement.
  17. pointerfire pointerfire pointerfire
  18. there is ALLWAYS one more player
  19. control your engagements for the weapon you have, if you have a DMR, dont push into buildings you know are occupied camp the exits, if you have a VAL dont try snipe people at 70M
  20. use it, flea it or vendor it, stacking 10 slicks in your stash because you dont want to lose them is pointless.
  21. Armour and helmets provide a severely diminishing return on price to increased chance of survival, a penis helmet may increase your survival chance vs a player by 10% for 20k a full visored Exfil may increase your survival chance VS players by maybe 15 % for 200k, often its not worth it unless you can afford to lose it or your gears total value is significantly high to be worth the expense to protect or you need to survive the raid to complete quest objectives.
  22. M4s are not very good at the moment unless you can afford lots of M995 and even then due to its poor flesh damage youre going to be spending alot of rounds killing scavs, l855a1 is really bad and is going to really struggle vs 5+ armour, if you want something fully auto try to use ak74 builds optimized for recoil with bs or igolnik rounds, they will serve you much better.
  23. goldenstar recovers 10 hydration and energy per use and in a tight spot can be used to tide you over when starving or dehydrated, this is why its so good as a prison wallet painkiller
  24. your tremor kills can be achieved when dehydrated, wait until your hydro is 0 or use a mayo to get to 0 then jump into factory and try headshot people for your quest, take some crackers to dehydrate any hydro you recovered while queuing.
  25. to my knowledge grenade kills count as headshots and count towards your tremor kills, a good technique to complete both tremor kills and grenadier grenade kills is to leg people while dehydrated and then throw a vog at them.
  26. the cages under reserve have a very high spawn rate of food, sugar and cigarettes, farm the boxes in these to get all your tushonkas, iskras, MRES and smokes.
  27. the train arriving spawns raiders as well as the alarm in reserve, be weary of this.
  28. flashdrives and intelligence can fit in docs cases but only flashdrives in sicc cases.
  29. 2 scav kills or 1 player kill aith headshots and searcbing the bodies should generally be enough to not get a run through
  30. double tap R for a combat reload which will drop your mag but reload much faster, if insured the mag will be returned.
  31. you can Alt Click items in your insurance to put them on if your stash is full or Ctrl click to put them in your bag,rig or pockets
  32. balaclavas arent useless, your moonface makes you more visible.
  33. sunglasses have been reported anecdotally to reduce rain streaks on your screen in rain games
  34. if you hear a low sound impact nearby shortly after a grenade goes off, it is most likely grenade shrapnel, this can occur from significant distance from the nade with no line of sight, dont let it freak you out.
  35. if containers have the close option, somebody has looted them.
  36. aquamari restores your full hydration in 30 points of use
  37. air filters can be bartered with peacekeeper after the completion of some of his later quests for 60 round M4 Pmags making 60rnd mags 9k each.
  38. try to arrive at your intended destination with atleast half stam, full if possible, this way if you run into a camp or somebody beat you there you arent dead in the water.
  39. getting shot reduces your stam, try not to be in the open on lower than half stam otherwise 1 round may be enough to drain you so you cant sprint.
  40. shooting an oponent in the head from a steep angle above is very likely to ricochet at least once, make sure you are ready to double tap or burst them in these scenarios.
  41. due to holding a your gun up to your face your arms will obscure your torso which is why when you shoot an opponent that is ADSing at you you often hit their arms not their chest, expect this and fire more than you think you need to.
  42. armour that protects your arms will take damage when you get shot in the arm, bear this in mind, its a trade off, would you rather lose an arm to a mosin and have to CMS it but survive the follow up chest hit cause your armor is full or have your armor be zeroed by a mosin so his next shot kills you but have your arms full so you can return fire accurately.
  43. you can check not only who killed somebody by their dogtag but at what time in the raid and with what weapon, use this to figure out how close by the guy who killed the person youre looting is and how geared, if they were killed by something like sks or m700 get the fuck off the body you're about to be sniped.
  44. bullet impacts and blood splatters can be used to figure out the direction of incoming fire that was suppressed and can also be used to figure out which direction the fight was moving, this can be used to help figure out where people are when third partying an active or concluded firefight.
  45. freelook while sprinting to check doors or your surroundings as you traverse the map.
  46. dont sprint through forrested areas unless you want to get bushwhacked (this is situational, if you know nobody could have gotten where you are from their spawn yet, disregard this)
  47. AI-2 (cheese) heals you much more quietly and faster than meds that also heal bleeds.
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thats all i can think of for now but id love to hear any tips or tricks the rest of you guys have that i haven't included.


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