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A lifetime gamer and IT professional’s take on the “netcode issues” and this community’s attitude on them.

Over the past few days there have been a few streamers/youtubers that have felt the need to shit on Tarkov's netcode yet again, and as a result there have predictably been a lot of people on this sub echoing those sentiments, leading to yet another response from Nikita telling you animals to be civil or he's going to cut this incredibly valuable tool for feedback and discussion off. As someone who absolutely loves Tarkov and also actually has more than a base level understanding of networking, I feel compelled to make this post.


When I hear that netcode in Tarkov is "one of the worst" in gaming today, I feel the need to question intentions as well as qualifications for making such a claim. As a normal end user, all you or I can tell is that the performance is notably bad, meaning things like desync or peeker's advantage are noticeable and problematic. However, that does not inherently mean that the netcode itself is the worst in the industry, but rather the implementation of the netcode combined with the mechanics of the game leads to a subpar experience.


The very best netcode ever made still has limitations. Comparing a game like Tarkov, with it's ENORMOUS complexity to a game like CS or COD not only is disingenuous, it shows a distinct lack of understanding of how programming and networking actually work together. Tarkov has an incredibly high number of variable, dynamic, or interactable items/people/AI on any given map at any given time, generally large draw distances, complex maps, incredibly robust and ambitious sound design, the absolute best and most realistic bullet ballistics ever created in a video game, fragmentation, ricochet, etc. etc. Suffice it to say, there is WAY more data being translated between client and server in Tarkov than there is any basically any other game on the market today.

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Does the netcode need work? Undoubtedly, and the devs have continuously said it's a priority for them. But what this community doesn't seem to understand is that if you took the netcode from Tarkov and implemented it in another game, it would absolutely work fine and provide the kind of experience we expect from a shooter. The problem is that due to Tarkov's unique complexity, there is an amount of overhead in terms of information being relayed at all times, that no other game has to manage. Calling the devs unskilled or harassing them isn't solving anything, and having the balls to insult professional developers when 95%+ of this sub has never even written a scrap of code is absolutely laughable.


There are some excellent content creators out there who are actively trying to help the game and provide constructive feedback. Veritas has done an amazing job of actually testing and understanding the netcode, then provided potential paths forward to help the issues. But there are also creators out there that just say "NO OTHER SHOOTER HAS THESE ISSUES, NO OTHER GAME IS NEARLY THIS BAD, IF ANY OTHER GAME PERFORMED LIKE THIS WE'D NEVER SUPPORT THOSE DEVS AGAIN!!!!" etc. and those creators are not only explicitly uninformed on the actual technical aspects of the issue, but they're using their platform to promote harassment of the very people that you NEED in order the fix the issues. They're also spreading misinformation to stoke a fire against the devs that, at it's core, is based on absolutely zero knowledge, and is entirely anecdotal.

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TL;DR – Stop bitching about netcode if you have no understanding of netcode. Listening to a random streamer who ALSO has no understanding of netcode does not magically give you a leg to stand on when complaining. Yes, there are issues, but comparing Tarkov the far less ambitious and complex games is useless and just causes more misinformation to spread and finger pointing to happen.


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