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A list of all gear USEC Upper clothing is based on (with links)

Content of the article: "A list of all gear USEC Upper clothing is based on (with links)"

Hey guys, I know it's a bit late for your halloween costumes but this is a list of all the USEC upper clothing IRL counterparts if you are interested in what they look like IRL or wanna pick one of them up. I'm not a Navy SEAL, the info in the post is just based on my own amateur knowledge so if I got anything wrong feel free to tell me.

Base Upper – the basic clothing for all hatchlings and the OG combat shirt of all USECs. To my knowledge, this exact camo doesn't exist IRL, it looks like a greener UCP but this is the closest I could find, the shirt itself looks like a Crye Precision Combat Shirt

USEC Agressor TAC – This Jacket is modeled on the 5.11 Tactical Agressor Parka, here it is –

USEC Softshell Flexion – This jacket is where this post began as I tracked down this jacket on ebay and got one last year, it's called BLACKHAWK! Tactical Soft Shell Jacket and here it is.

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USEC Commando – this is a classic at least in Europe as variants were issued to pretty much every soldier in or around NATO to my knowledge, we at least had them in Sweden and loved them. Like I said, there are a ton of different variants, I think the one in game is supposed to be British and you can find one by searching for NATO Pullover –

USEC Urban Responder – This one I couldn't find, although I did find the brand and a very similair hoodie that appears to be a ladies model, American Outlaws Hoodie –

USEC Woodland Infiltrator – Now we're talking sexy, this could be modeled on pretty much any kind of m81 combat shirt but here you go, Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt (M81 Woodland) –

USEC PCS Mulitcam, this is modeled on a British Army PCS Shirt Multicam, here's a link

USEC PCU Ironsight, this is a PCU Level 5 Softshell Jacket Unfortunately, this item is very off colored in game and would look much better if it was closer to it's IRL counterpart, here's a link

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USEC TIER2, this is a 5.11 Tactical Flannel Shirt "Storm" straight out of flannel daddy's wardrobe, here's a link –

USEC Night Patrol Upper – This is, to my understanding some kind off Parka that was issued in some regard some decade or so ago, it's called Gen 2 Night Camo Parka and is in my opinion very stylish. –

If this post is appreciated I might do gloves and all the pants as well.


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