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A perspective from a DEAF player

Content of the article: "A perspective from a DEAF player"

I might be known to be the first or one of the very few players who are deaf. Deaf as in, completely deaf. No deaf on one ear but deaf on both ears. No sound is received, nothing other than brass from Razer Headset or from the table. I might have posted few suggestions that would help not only the deaf "community" (or handicapped) but the general population too (in-game chat, expanded armband system and so on) but they all were shot down. I have posted very few EFT videos on Youtube. I might upload more once I upgrade my PC.

I just wanted to post my perspective. What I do, how I play and so on. I occasionally post a LFG on EFT discord communities where I often get "nice, good luck" or sort, nice comments. I rarely do get approached for a "trial" gameplay and even rarely if they will keep playing with me. Sometimes I receive questionable comments such as "deaf? whut, lmao, you cant play this game then" and along those lines, with some of them actually being very rude and sarcastic. I actually have very few teammates who play with me, mostly experienced and veterans. Patient and understanding ones even.

Long story short, the only proper communication to me is Discord Messages. My teammates just quickly type chat in DM and I receive the message and respond accordingly, through voice. I even callout enemies, my location and so on. There are few circumstances where I noticed enemies before my partners could even notice them because visual sight =/= audio (footsteps, etc).

But you might ask, how do I play? Before I go any further, here are my stats (as of 12nd September). I'm sitting at 12m and my hideout is maxed out. But, before you claim if I'm God of PvP for a deaf player, I think I spend most of my time soloing, avoiding PvP unless forced, questing and such.

I mostly run budget loadouts, usually Press Armor with PP19 (topped with flesh rounds) and helmet or without but mask. But yeah, I managed to kill a lot chads with a single headshot because most of them run helmets without faceshields. I used to run Altyn and Maska pre-wipe. And yes, I bought the game in… March 2019? I became active since…. July 2019? I was active only when I found a friend to play with me and in that way, I learnt how to play the game and comfortably started to go on solo. I eventually found some more teammates to play with me.

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I mostly hit high value loot areas and extract. I often manage to extract with the loot. But since I'm deaf, I might be different:

– If I feel I got enough loot, I'll just bolt to extract. I'll not stick around and open more doors in Resort for example. Nah, better extract with whatever loot I got than nothing.

– During combat, I'm more like… F*ck everything, I'm rushing. If you are alive, you will either kill me or die, simply as. In other words, I don't care if you are a chad, I will rush you UNLESS I got FAT loot and want to extract with it especially if it's about a quest. Many chads got killed with a well placed headshot (hipfire mostly) or leg-death. Meanwhile they waste all their top ammo shooting wildly at me. Dunno, I enjoy in that way. Even if I die, I know they wasted their precious money-ammo on me.

– I'm lucky at times. Many times scavs and pmcs lurk behind me, crouch-walking, absolutely silence only for me to turn around, face them and kill them. Dunno, this is purely luck for me. With teammates, they get astounished as I walk by a scav preparing to kill me but I just walk ahead as if nothing was happening. This is hilarious indeed.

– Furthermore, I tend to flank far more frequently and instant. In other words, I wont flank-lurk. I'll rush and flank even if that gives away my position but this seems to work most of the time?

– I tried Razer Haptic Feedback. It did help me at times by feeling nearby footsteps and such but that also gave me negative feelings:

  1. I felt something. Does it mean someone is here?? I'll wait. What would that result to? Nothing, it was just an imagination. 5 minutes wasted. 5 minutes I could spend running around, checking rooms quickly, flashing out pmcs camping behind doors and so on.
  2. GUNSHOTS! HOLY MOLY, SOMEONE IS HERE / NEARBY. Nah, it was your own footsteps.
  3. EXPLOSION! Nah, it was just the thunderstorm, geez.
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And so on. It didn't help me much, it only put me even more on the edge and it made me actually in worse spot as I felt limited and restricted, scared to shitless. I put them off. I was more successful without them.

– How about partners? They are actually helpful especially if they are highly experienced / veterans. I didn't have much success with new / average players. It's safe to say I am more comfortable with veterans than new players. That's my feeling and option.

They indeed callout stuff to me. Such as, pmcs at bushes, shots left, scav outside, boss inside and so on. This helps me understand what is going on but it does sometimes worry me because of the reason above (haptic feedback section).

– What happens if the enemy is using silencer? Well, in that case, I'm good as dead. I'll never be able to pinpoint where the enemy is and until I find out, I'm most likely dead.

– What happens if the enemy is throwing nades? Same as above but if I'm extremely lucky, I may "randomly" dodge nades. However, if I witness the nade object, I'll react quickly.

– I rarely run expensive gear such as meta HK / M4 with top rounds, slick, altyn and so on. For some reason I feel I survive more frequently running budget loadout over chad gear.

I enjoy the game, it's good. What I hate is certain quests that force you to use certain gears you do not want (ie. wear PAC and kill 30 scavs or 10 pmcs with shotgun and so on) and the absurdly broken A.I during gunfight where they randomly aimbot which is rather annoying and reason why I have "phobia" of fighting A.I in EFT.

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I do watch some streamers and youtubers such as Lvdmark, Pestily, Aqua and so on. I do get the feeling "i wish i was like them" but this will never happen as I'm different and I can't change it. So, I use my own style.
Thanks for reading!


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