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A roller-coaster Tarkov ride.

Content of the article: "A roller-coaster Tarkov ride."

I wanted to share this story because it was absolutely frustrating but ended hilariously. It was a true roller-coaster ride.

So myself and two friends were playing Customs last night and we engaged a group near Big Red. A long fight ensued and we got one of them and pursued the rest across the river, past Tarkov Truck and towards Crack Den/Meth lab (not sure what official name is). We see the remaining 2 disappear around the back passageway behind the Crack Den and my two friends run around the corner only to be mowed down instantly. I hide behind the little shack/hut against the wall and hear the enemies approaching. I step out and point fire both, dropping one. Using a DT MDR with M61 so only have 20 round mags. I step back behind the shack to reload, knowing that the fate of my friends' gear rests on my shoulders. I step out again and spray and step back again to reload. Suddenly, I realise that my gun won't drop down to resting position. Its frozen mid animation. Can't reload, can't switch weapons, can't use meds. I run inside the shack and close the door (with the enemy, just metres away) I desperately open my inventory to try and see if I can move anything around or drop the gun. Nothing. All I can do is switch my torch on and off. "Not like this, don't let me die like this…" I'm saying to my friends. Then I resign myself to my fate and open the door, turning on my torch in the hopes of blinding/confusing the enemy and run towards my foe. The guy is waiting for me, but I sprint past him as he sprays his M4. My only hope is to force him to reload, so I sprint around him in a circle at point blank range until his mag is empty. He runs off a few steps to reload and I use this opportunity to sprint away in the hopes that I can hide. I run, zig-zagging towards the 2 door room near elbow (below Sniper Scav on Construction) where you can go underneath the vehicle and I hide there, looking at my health status. I have 2 bleeds and am missing an arm and a leg. I can't med up. fffffffffff. My only hope is to relog and hope against hope that I am still alive. So I pull my net cable (so I don't have to reload the whole game again) and plug it in again after being disconnected and attempt to load back in, holding my breath. "Loading loot…" I honestly don’t expect to be alive. "Awaiting session start…" I know it’s not possible… I"M ALIVE. All my limbs are black except for my Thorax. I have 14 HP in total.. I desperately smash my meds hotkey and stop the 2 bleeds. Ended up on 8 or so HP. Then I fix up all my blacked limbs. Meanwhile, one of my friends managed to scav back in to the same raid and kill the last player of the squad and we ditch our friend's gear, loot up and get out. Can't actually believe I survived. What a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

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On a serious note, I have only experienced this bug a handful of times in my 3 year Tarkov career, so I know it isn’t common. I've noticed that when it does happen, its usually after using grenades in quick succession or medding up quickly after a previous action. Maybe it is something to do with how commands are queued up. Not sure too sure. Has anyone else had similar bugs? Either way, I really hope it gets fixed. It would have been absolutely infuriating to die like without being able to do anything.

Sorry for long post, hopefully somebody can have a laugh at my ridiculous experience.

Be safe and have fun everybody.

Edit : TLDR – Game bugged out during firefight. Couldn't use gun or inventory. Ran circles around enemy until he reloaded. Sprinted away and hid. 2 bleeds, couldn't heal. Unplugged net. Relogged. 14 HP thorax. Survived.


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