Escape from Tarkov

A series of complaints. A Discussion.

I'm not going to be memey in this one boys, I'm very angry at Nikita and the boys right now.

Developers, you're acting like an abusive dad.Kicking us in the balls left and right, destroying the game we love to play with unannounced changes and nerfing. I have played this game for probably a thousand hours and have played enough to know when the state of the game is good, versus bad.

Right now, the state of the game is literal shit. Bullets are not working, Net code is still an issue, and now you're making useless and unnecessary changes just to seemingly piss off your mostly loyal player base. We have grenades being thrown at us with no animation and sounds attached to them. Despite countless reports on these issues being done by the loyal player base you guys dont address these issues, you unpin a grenade and throw it at our feet. You're making changes to quests with no transparency whatsoever. I dont care if the changes are good or bad to most players. We are a consumer, as consumers we have invested so much time and money to support the development of this great, ish, game.

I'm not going to be specific at all in the issues, just scroll through the reddit and you'll find many angry people like myself.

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Here is a video that sums this game up.

Maybe focus on fixing this?

Hey guys, remember this gem?

Practically nothing has been done about it.

Here is a general list of my complaints.

– The development team, despite their use of social media and other various outlets, have failed to be transparent when it matters.

– There has been very little consultations with the player base on changes to quests and other things such as traders, the same players who fund YOU.- We still see serious problems when it comes to bullet registration, Sounds, and Net Code.

– We have many unfair trades in the traders for things such as cases, and are not at all based on the value of items, yet, you've done absolutely nothing to modify any of them as I can recall.

– You continue to change and modify quests without regard to the actual difficulty of them and ignoring the fact that nearly 100% of the quests have rewards that are 100% bad.

– Ever heard of "fixing what isnt broken"? That is precisely what I feel you guys are doing half the time now.

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– You keep trying to change the availability of items without ignoring the cause of the broken economy. PEOPLE ON LABS AT LEVEL 1 ACCESSING lVL 40 GEAR. HOLY SHIT IT ISNT THAT DIFFICULT TO FIGURE OUT. Remove labs if you arent willing to A) Deal with the hacker issues, or B) Limit its accessibility to a certain level!

Just a bit more consideration of the player base and transparency would be a start, I love this game and will gladly play through its ups and downs, but, you guys make it very difficult…. very difficult.

This is how us players feel when communicating with the developers.

nikita pls.


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