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About the current looting meta (example of interchange improvement)

Hello everyone.

I'm Japanese and my English is not very good, so it may be hard to read or the text may be strange.
I hope you will read it to the end.

I'm writing this sentence now, waiting for the trader to reset the timer.
I didn't want to play such a game.

Well, there is no fuel.
"Let's go to the interchange" is the EFT I want, but the fuel doesn't pop in the first place.

Will it be solved with money?
How do you make money?
Currently, every map is a "FPR" with a random starting point.
Luckily I have a bitcoin farm, but for players without it, FPR will be their source of income.
* First-person Racing

This time, let's take the interchange where I often go for a walk as an example.

When I see a dead body with a knife near Techlight, I feel ridiculous.
They are PMCs with no sense, running around naked in a war zone.
By the way, H&K's SMG and Trooper are my favorite fashions.
My friends often mistake me for a raider, but I believe that raiding should have risk and reward.
You need to be prepared for it.

Example: You head to the interchange to get your LEDX and graphics card, and spawn at a power plant.
Do you press the switch?

Answer: I would not.
If you do, someone else will surely unlock the door.
It would be more efficient to throw a grenade right below it.

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So, how can you flip the switch?
I have two suggestions.

1) Give the player who presses the switch enough time to move to the front of the tech light.
2) Provide a shutter on the tech light that prevents the player from progressing as well.

As an example of implementation, I came up with the following form.
1) An announcement is made in the store when the switch is pressed.
2) A random number of minutes after the switch is pressed, Raiders will come out of positions that players cannot enter, and parade around the Techlight.
3) At the same time, the current power is turned on.
(The shutters of the Techlight will also open.)

The first idea is that I think the player who took action until he told me where he was has the right to benefit.
The second idea is that you shouldn't allow the high probability of making huge profits with poor equipment.

I think it reduces the chances of beginners,
If you get a graphics card just by marathoning like the current situation, you can make about 1.4 million profits, but do you seriously take risks and go to earn pocket money?

*This idea is the Reserve train and the bunker exit.
You can get ahead of the Reserve exit by pressing the switch and then moving quickly.

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*It is better to know if the switch has been pressed or not.
Make an announcement in the store that the power is back on.
PMCs who are proud of their skills will rush to secure a favorable position.

*In this proposal, we need to increase the amount of tasty loot throughout the map.
Also, the rate at which graphics cards and LEDX appear needs to be reduced a bit.
This is because I think it would be healthier to make money elsewhere until the switch is pushed.
It will be a problem if we can make huge profits, including raider equipment, even more than we do now.
I don't want to make the tactic of waiting near the tech light from start to finish the right one.

Furthermore, I think the problem is that there is not enough profit to engage with PMC at present.
Even if you kill a highly armed player, you have no choice but to sell it cheaply at a trader or use it yourself.
It's much more valuable to sell and make money than to use unfamiliar equipment.
However, I don't want to take the risk to fight the PMC because it's "much" more valuable to sell at the flea market.

I know it was a long post, but thanks for reading.
I've been writing for such a long time on my day off, and I'm ready to go out and raid for fuel.

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