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Additional ways to get proof of Desync for BSG:

Content of the article: "Additional ways to get proof of Desync for BSG:"

As seems to be pretty popular on this subreddit, posting videos of desync from either your or multiple different perspectives is a good way of SEEING that desync in action, but it doesn't do much to point BSG in the direction of what's causing it.

The best thing WE can do as players whenever experiencing Desync, is to accompany our videos with time stamps, RTT, and PlayerRTT in order to show whether the issue is related to your network, or the server, and how far behind the servers response is. This should be more helpful to BSG by giving additional data related to player action when experiencing desync.

Let me explain what exactly desync is in Tarkov, why it feels different from other games, and how to collect data on it as a player:

EFT is a client authoritative multiplayer game. Meaning, when you move your character, your game reports that position to the server, and the server simply accepts it. This is different than other multiplayer games like Apex legends or Overwatch that are Server authoritative. I'm not going to dig super deep into this, instead id suggest you watch Veritas's recent video on Tarkov net code, where he does a very good job at explaining all of this:

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What I will say, is that what we refer to in Rubberbanding in other games, you've most likely never experienced in Tarkov. You see other players rubberband across the screen, but not yourself. thats because the server never corrects your position when it notices irregularities in player position.

In game, if we pull up the large FPS counter (fps2), we have 2 stats we're going to focus on: RTT, and PlayerRTT.
RTT stands for round-trip time, and is another way of saying 'ping'. it is the time it takes for the client to send data to the server, and to receive a basic response unrelated to gameplay.
PlayerRTT is similar, except it includes the time it takes for the server to respond to a specific gameplay related task. think of it as 'ping + server delay'

Now, with these numbers on display in raid, you will notice almost every single time you see a teammate skip around on screen, stop and speedy-boi across the screen, pay attention to the difference between RTT and PlayerRTT. A spike in PlayerRTT compared to RTT shows that your connection is fine, but there is a delay to receive a response due to the extended amount of time it takes the server to respond.

This may be due to another player with a shitty connection, or it may be due to the server being bogged down with calculations and taking longer than normal to process a request.

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