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AK recoil should be buffed almost across the board

Because of how the game works the meta will always be to get recoil as low as possible (with a secondary focus on fire rate). That's perfectly fine. I am not a big bad spec ops dude but I'm guessing low recoil and high fire rate is probably preferable in real life too. Makes sense to me.

I think, right now, the undisputed meta is HKs and M4s. They fire fast and you can get the recoil down into the mid to low 30s. It's expensive, obviously, but its the meta. I also die a lot to MP7s. This isn't surprising either: they too have very low recoil and fire fast. But no one really uses AKs, even "meta" AKs. (I do, and I die a lot but I'm also very bad) It was a little different last wipe before they nerfed the recoil reduction on all the attachments. But it was still HKs and M4s. The wipe before that everyone used VSS's because they fired extremely fast and there was almost no recoil. They nerfed VSS recoil so now you don't see them much. They nerfed the shit out of the price before that but that didn't stop anyone. It's all about recoil.

Not a lot of meta players are using AK series weapons, that I can see anyway. The obvious explanation is that they kick heavily in this game and fire slow. The way BSG attempts to make up for the second part, especially with 7.62 AKs, is to up the damage of the rounds they fire. But, it doesn't matter. The meta is not AKs in any way. I think the AKs should get a recoil buff across the board, most especially the 100 series and the 74 series.

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I am not, however, suggesting that BSG buff recoil on the AK series simply to change the meta. I am suggesting this mostly because all of the videos I've seen of the 100 series and the 74 series indicate that both have very little recoil, especially compared to how they kick in the game.

For instance: there's a video of a museum expert talking about Tarkov's guns. One of the things he notes is that the AK74 has extremely low recoil. I believe his quote is that anyone, even him (I presume a non-military person) can fire it full auto without it kicking much.

Here's another video from a non-operator/civilian type noting the low recoil with video evidence:

(That video also provides interesting evidence that perhaps recoil should be more tied to gun weight or at least take gun weight into account, which it *might*, I can't quite tell)

Those are two examples for the AK-74 family. Here's a video about the AK-100 family, specifically the 7.62 caliber AK-103:

The guy doing the video (Vladimir Onokoy) works for Kalashnikov and I don't know anything about his military background but it's fair to say he's probably shot guns a lot so maybe he's got more skills (although the point of Tarkov is that you're a trained PMC but whatever) but he fires the AK-103 on full auto in short bursts and the muzzle barely climbs (at about the 2 minute mark). He specifically notes that the recoil is almost as low as a 5.56 gun for a trained shooter.

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If AK recoil was buffed to near M4 levels the player would have an interesting choice to make, as M4s/HKs still fire faster: (1) cheap and high damage but slower firing AKs or, (2) faster firing, expensive and with slightly less recoil M4/HKs.

The truth is once recoil is below about 40 it doesn't really matter anyway, but I don't think it's EVER been possible to get any AK below 50-something recoil. It seems like, from the videos I posted that the meta AK-103/AK74 should be at ~about~ 38 recoil. That's a guesstimate. Maybe less, maybe more. I think it would maybe make the game a little more interesting but also maybe I'm just asking because I like doing Zaslon/Spetsnaz cosplay but I want to lie to myself and say the reason I die all the time is because my guns have too much recoil. I dunno.


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