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All PVP/Meta-grade items should be FIR only

To bring tarkov back to a more survival-focused game without gutting pvp, making all pvp/meta ammos/armors/attachments FIR-only would make this game a lot more engaging for players across the board in terms of in-game wealth and experience and make looting/moving around the map more important as these top-tier items would be very valuable FIR loot to try to exfil with. Even IRL, most of the exotic armor pen rounds in game are so rare they would cost 100x or more what the common rounds of that caliber would and that's not reflected at all with the current state of tarkov's ammo/gear availability with these best-in-class ammos being available for 2-5x the price of medium-tier rounds and at near-unlimited quantities from traders every couple hours.

From the devs' point of view, the game balance can be finely tuned by updating loot tables for these items and players who still want best-in class items can still get these from the flea market, ultimately self-regulating to a price that is more reflective of the rarity and performance of those items (Looking at you, 370 roubles/round m855a1).

Special Note: items marked with * could potentially have a long-duration hideout craft (e.g. 28h craft for 90x m855a1, as an example) so players who would like to use top-tier gear could have a slow supply, HOWEVER crafted pvp/meta ammo/gear/attachments should not get FIR status to keep this off the flea market.

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Ammo Caliber FIR Only Variants
9mm 7n31
5.56 m855a1*, m995, SSA AP
5.45 BS*, 7n39
.300 AP*
.308 m62*, m61, m993
9×39 SPP*, BP
7.62×39 BP*, AP
12×70 AP-20*
4.6×30 (mp7) FMJ*, AP


All Tier 5/6 armor and helmets FIR only. some T5 like AACPC/Korund/Gzhel could have long duration hideout craft.


Tarkov's customization is one of the games best features. That being said, all best-in-slot attachments could be made craftable on lower duration crafts (e.g. 6h for an RK-2) to make sure these are still available, but not on-demand from traders with multiple stock per reset. These craft should probably use several different items each so that whatever junk items go into the craft don't become artificially inflated too much. Overall, I find it just doesn't make sense in the setting of tarkov to be able to build a shiny new 37 recoil m4 every time you die from trader stock of all the best attachments for just 2x the price of a budget/medium tier build.

TLDR: Making pvp/meta/exotic ammo/gear/attachments FIR-only (and potentially some with longer duration hideout crafts) would extend the 'mid-game' by making these items not have unlimited supply and thus make good kits a bigger investment. Right now, you can build a full kit with <45 recoil suppressed m4 w/ 150 rounds of mil-spec armor pen ammo, a T5 armor, t4 helmet, ears, rig, and backpack for 450k roubles (assuming you had to buy everything); more importantly, you can build this same kit over and over as many times as you want because all of these items are ridiculously available once you get traders level 3/4. Let me know your thoughts, and if you're curious I consider myself pvp focused this wipe and still think this would improve player interactions, kits/gun builds, and map exploration significantly.

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