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All the recoil, ergo and stamina changes miss the mark a bit. Improve the system instead with two simple changes

Content of the article: "All the recoil, ergo and stamina changes miss the mark a bit. Improve the system instead with two simple changes"

Rebalancing the ergo, recoil and stamina was obviously long overdue. But the current implementation of changes seems like a superficial bandage fix, which addresses the problems only partially and somewhat ineffectively.

Now stock weapons have even greater and more unrealistic recoil, rendering them even less useful. At the same time, it is possible to build even stronger laser M4 with like 28-29 recoil. In the end we are left wondering, what are the changes actually meant to achieve. So here are some ideas, please take with a grain of salt and sorry for bad english.

First: Fix recoil calculation

Weapon parts have way too much influence on the recoil value of the gun. Partly because of this massive problem with calculating recoil. So first step would be to fix it and make the calculations linear, thus make the whole system more consistent and maybe even realistic. Currently for example the MDR is affected by the same foregrip less, then another gun with the same foregrip. As a result the whole recoil reduction bracket could be narrower, with meta guns having a bit more recoil (more realistic) and stock weapons having less recoil, also more realistic. For example stock AKS-74U seemingly has very little recoil IRL. As a plus, much more attachments would actually see some use, if the differences would be less pronounced, with the meta ones not warranting the huge price. (Additionaly, the camera recoil could be decreased, maybe halved, but this has been covered many times elsewhere.)

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Second: Improve ergonomics system by accounting for weight

The current ergo changes kind of try to penalize larger magazines and attachments, but they do so very haphazardly. In real life, gun ergo, and resulting arms fatigue is mostly determined by its weight, isn't it? Also by the weight of ammo and attachments. For example a FAL 50 rounder is not cumbersome only by its bulkiness, but also by the weight of ammo loaded in it. Same logic goes for attachments. I've never held a gun IRL, except maybe an unloaded Kar98 once, but seemingly it is also important, how the weight is distributed on the gun itself. Like having the M4 with a ton of attachments on the front rails would greatly worsen the gun ergonomics, ADS speed, and ability to ADS for longer periods of time.

So my very basic suggestion is to introduce weight as a factor for ergo. An empty, stock gun would have an ergo baseline and increasing or decreasing the weight would change it along with parts ergo bonuses. 10 % heavier gun? 0,9x ergo multiplier. 10 % lighter gun? 1,1x multiplier. This is a general idea, the actual values would have to be tweaked. Maybe, what if the ergo scale would be changed to match the weight? To have ergo measured in kilograms? Finally gun weight would actually determine also the ADS speed and duration.

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Ideally gun weight should also affect recoil to great extent, but I don't know how exactly, so I'd love to see some ideas. Then heavy guns would have less recoil and worse ergo and vice versa, kind of like IRL, no? Isn't this the true point of all the current stat changes by BSG?


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