Escape from Tarkov

All these gratitude posts are not enough. Start being constructive.

If you haven't watched the video interview/vodcast with Nikita, watch it. It's hard. It's a person with real struggle. I went into it thinking "oh he's going to be faking this". Nope. No fucking way. This is genuine. And it's HARD to watch. – starts from 6:41:00 and goes for an hour.

BSG actively read these forums. Stop being little cunts and start giving constructive feedback. If you don't have technical knowledge on a topic like netcode, shut the fuck up.

I don't care if you feel entitled to an opinion. I, and most others here, don't want to lose the community aspect BSG provides us. I want to keep the ability to have Nikita's ear close-by.

Cherish this, and provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Instead of saying "the netcode is shit, fix it", say "In XYZ region, I am consistently getting low ping, seeing desync constantly. I have verified my ping is good by hitting Google servers. My friends who play with me suffer the same issues at the same time, so it may be an issue with BSG servers."

If you can't put that much effort into a criticism, remember, it's beta. "Oh it's been in beta for 5 years", yep correct. Name a game that has the same features and gameplay as Tarkov. You can't. So either don't post it, or, do the best you can to make it constructive, because NIKITA WILL PROBABLY READ IT, so comment as if you're talking to him IRL. "I'm having desync issues in XYZ region. Not sure how to verify if it's me or you, but thought I'd let you know" is NIGHT AND DAY compared to "netcode is shit fix it".

As a dev myself, "it's broken fix it" is the most fucking useless comment in the world, as other devs here can attest to.

This community has good parts and bad parts. The only way to fix a toxic community is to call it out and downvote shitty comments.



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