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Ammo does not pen through arm hit boxes.

Most of us have had fights where the enemy seems to tank a crazy number of rounds. If we somehow manage to win the clusterfuck of a fight, the first thought is "WOW, they must have had good armor!!" but after checking the body, you discovered your ammo should have penned straight through their armor, resulting in the thought, "Maybe i was just shooting their arms or stomach or something. I could have SWORN I was shooting the thorax."

Well as it turns out, there's a reason for this. Arms absorb all damage and nothing pens through them.

Whenever the arm covers any part of the thorax, any shot into that arm absorbs that round completely. meaning if you shoot someones thorax that their arm happens to be eclipsing, that damage is absorbed 100% into the arm, never making it to the thorax except from splash damage from the blacked arm(s).

In normal circumstances, this happens when shooting someone in the upper thorax, their hands holding the weapon will absorb all of the rounds that hit their arms/hands hit box. when fighting someone head on, your arms and hands cover half your thorax hit box.

In abnormal circumstances, when using using canted sights the character will put their arm directly in front of their thorax, blocking any direct damage to the thorax. Certain players have already figured this out, running a single canted sight on the weapon to abuse this bug and prevent thorax shots.

Ammo SHOULD pen directly though the arms since its bare flesh, dealing its damage directly to the thorax if that's whats behind the arm at the moment.

LVNDMARK tested this out last night in a controlled environment on factory, testing various calibers, ammo types, shooting test subjects with both normal and canted sights at different angles. If the arms or the hands eclipsed any other part of the body (Including the head), all damage was absorbed by the arms. There was no damage to armor whatsoever if the arm eclipsed the thorax hit box.

Anecdotal story, but I ran into this myself last night. I got into a point blank fight with someone, I had an OP-sks with BP, he had an RPK with BT. I shot him point blank in the upper thorax with BP several times, and he never dropped. I ended up dying. After raid report said 274 damage delt to body, 0 delt to armor. I know for a FACT i was shooting him in the upper thorax, his arms absorbed all the damage.

This is a massive issue creating inconsistency in gunfights. This needs to be addressed by BSG immediately to at least acknowledge that they know about it.


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