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An idea on how to make quests less repetitive wipe-to-wipe

Content of the article: "An idea on how to make quests less repetitive wipe-to-wipe"

I'll start this off by saying I've sunk around 3200 hours into this game over the past three-something years now. I've done all of the quests so many times it hurts to think about it, and while some of them I do genuinely enjoy, there are others that it's just "This again. Yeesh."

I'll also say that BSG wants to slow down progression. They said everyone's moved way too fast this wipe. I'm not here to argue that, I'm just operating under the idea that they want it slowed down and doing these quests until the end of time, every wipe, sounds unpleasant.

So here's the idea.

Let there be different variants of the same quests that are given to players.

Example: Skier's first quest "Supplier" We're asked to hand over x4 3M armors, and x4 TOZ shotguns. We all know this, we all start looking for those armors before we even accept the quest half the time. What if he might ask you for something else, instead? What if instead of it always being 3M and TOZ, it was like…two UNTAR and two KEDR, or three Paca and three Grach?

Another Example: Therapist's "Shortage" Quest, we all know she needs 5 Salewas. It's the first quest she asks you for. You and your buddies go in and get the quest, one gets Salewas, one gets CAR medkit, one gets IFAK's. Suddenly it's less of a mad dash to get one thing and you're all looking for more varied items.

Another one: Flash drives? Maybe Skier wants four Intel folders instead, your buddy still got flash drives, but hey, now you're not competing with each other to get them are you? Or maybe he asks you for one SSD, or any number of other methods of data-storage item we have in the game.

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You get the idea.

This can be applied to other types of quests, too. Later ones like Setup can be treated in a similar fashion. Instead of "Dress up in this and kill 15 PMC's with a shotgun" Maybe you have a chance to get "Dress up like this and go kill 15 PMC's with a .209/136" Or "Wear this stupid blue hat and a micro rig and go kill 5 PMC's with an SV98" – i.e, pretend to be a sniper scav instead of a regular scav like the quest suggests.

Obviously you can still get the base versions of these quests, like we all always have, but having the possibility for the quests to be different slows the progression down in a more natural way, and provides some much-needed diversity to the quest pools.

This would also help with heavily inflated flea-market prices on non FIR quest items early-wipe, because, suddenly only 1/3rd of the playerbase is looking for Salewas for Therapist, now 1/3 need CAR, 1/3 need IFAK. The same goes to any other item that ends up stupidly inflated.



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