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Another thanks to BSG

I watched the last podcast with Pestily last night and I told my wife I wanted to write some appreciative message to Nikita today. I can see the stress on your face and how much you want this game to be great. Nikita you have to realize this game is already amazing. There is not an FPS on the market that can compete with Tarkov. No joke, at night before I go to sleep I sometimes pray that you stay safe for selfish reasons because I want you to be able to finish this game. You seem like such a nice guy and this is simply my favorite game I have ever played. I am a 31 year old married guy worrying about a man I have never met. LOL.

I love that you are so involved with your community on reddit but most of these jokers only come on here when something goes wrong and they need to rage about something. However some of these people have amazing ideas. I would hate to encourage you to stop reading this reddit because you understanding your player base is why your game is so great.
The thing that makes you and your team such great developers is because you know when to say NO to your player base and when you should compromise. It is an impossible task and I am glad its in your hands though I wish it gave you less stress.

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I have been play this game for 2 and a half years. I have played every wipe to at least level 40 and I have gotten the Kappa twice. I am working on my third now. Just understand that most people are pieces of shit and that you are your people at BSG are doing an amazing job.

I don't work during the summers and I am about to do Keto and my wife came to me and was like "you are going to need something to occupy your time" I was like that fine I can just play some Tarkov. This game is so captivating I can play it for months and months without a break. I think I played 6 months straight last wipe and here I am again loving every bit this game has to offer. We appreciate the shit out of you guys at BSG. Thank you for what you do.


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