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Anyone else burned out by wipes?

Content of the article: "Anyone else burned out by wipes?"

Preface: This is a kinda vent post from an old time tarkov player who loves the game, please dont take it as an insult.

I have bought EOD the first time it became avaible in 2016 and have been playing a lot of tarkov over the years. Its cool to see new things added to the game and the community grow but after my 8th(?) wipe I kinda resent the fact that everything I do will be wiped again and again.

I know its a game in development and wipes are a technical necessity to bring new features or to test them the right way. I just wanna live the tarkov dream already like nikita often describes it, develop my PMC in a kinda way like a expert sneaker or sniper or whatever but doing that now seems so fuitile because it will be wiped again.

What first gave me a real thrill in the game, the full inv drop (except safe container) has become a "Who cares this stuff will be wiped anyway" the same goes with lucky loot finds. The only thing left that gives me joy is PvP but for PvP with nothing "at stake" there are other games which bring the action without cheaters, desyncs and other things that plague tarkov. I usally dont care about those things because "that tarkov feeling" is worth it but over time it has been a bit watered down because of wipes and the endless grind for XP, quests and rubles.

Early wipe gameplay is also very much fun and one of the best tarkov feels you can get, but its only temporary (and early wipe phases have become noticeable shorter over the years) and then a long time of the above mentioned grind begins again which feels fuitile because of the next coming wipe. Sometimes I even wonder if it is worth playing/spending time to do quests/farm money because its always a big mystery how long a wipe will last.

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Thanks for reading the rumbling of this old war horse and I see you all at full release brothers! (Or at the next wipe, because who am I kidding, I cant resist this game that long)

Edit: added a part about early wipe, because many of you mentioned it to be a main motivation for playing and I agree, but sadly its only a temporary bliss which has been shorter and shorter every wipe


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